San Bernardino Administration Ideologue METRIC

It goes without saying the less one admits one’s guilt, the less likely one will ever be held accountable for one’s crimes. Play this off on a stupid public, and racketeering and fraud take on a whole new dimension in statist/ideologue politics.

This is San Bernardino’s formula (third paragraph) for doing a public that once believed it would become the hub of the Inland Empire’s racial diversity, enter covert agenda driven League of California Cities, otherwise also known by this region’s elite as California League of Cities (CLOCk, ref Prague) and state of the art methods in crisis strategy agitprop street theater.

This hub magnifies exponentially in competition with the rule of law, it’s makers having created a new and unimaginable dimension in the covert affairs of local government that has absolutely nothing to do with diversity and everything to do with converting San Bernardino to a sanctuary city. Go San Bernardino #1!

In keeping with the Crypto dynamic of the day, San Bernardino is a three step colonial project via: 1) promoting scoundrels to leadership, 2) solidarity pledging elite via full spectrum paedophilia/hybrid eugenics, and 3) SABRA radicalization of public confidence inclusive of the occult engineered human trafficking and slaying of children masquerading humanitarian noble cause social services.

For the record, Victor Valley’s Mr. Dingle is administration’s test of public alert the consequence for not paying close attention to San Bernardino’s freakish administrators what this thing actually is, why it’s covered in feces and who created it for children to play with.

There’s a morality issue with indoctrination of public school children in anal sex, an ethics issue for the district that allows this, and a philosophical one regarding the mental attitude of parents who capitulate their protective powers to the will of Crypto radical homosexuality.

It’s one thing to educate to tolerance. It’s quite another to coerce normalcy on a public that might otherwise have a will to oppose this. In the latter example, people are not being given a choice, the reason for this understood.

Parents are in full retard, and team Mayor Carey McKay-Davis is entertained by this, saboteur radical activism so in plain sight if it were a bright sunny day it would be painted in the sole of the boot of the statist ideologue San Bernardino residents looking straight up at it giggling and laughing.

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