San Bernardino DA Mike Ramos/Obstruction of Justice

re The Sentinel: Evidence DA, Grand Jury Adviser obstructed investigation growing

San Bernardino administrative behavior is a masquerade for a deeper issue involving engineered child deaths very much in vogue with the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Don’t figure these monsters are going to ever automatically correct themselves. This is what they are here for.

People aren’t looking much past the surface in these circumstances. San Bernardino has a David O. McKay look alike for a mayor. Sheriff John McMahon is a ringer for the father of 1951 Cincinnati abduction victim, Beverly Potts. DA Mike Ramos looks like Beverly Potts older sister, Anita. Worst still, McKay’s grandson looks like Anita Potts daughter.

This demon administration is involved in far more than racketeering child death coverups. There’s a statist administrative mechanism in place that is likewise testing it’s prowess against ROLA morality and ethics, the latter failing to recognize a heuristic so radical and evil it’s beyond ordinary imagination and hiding in plain sight> the Mormon church and it’s Baphomet deity, Moroni.

The child deaths are occult celebratory made to appear domestic on the same application LDS elite use to masquerade their faith noble cause religion. LDS is actually a hybrid breeding project, child deaths an opportunity to solidarity pledge frat alliances and capture DNA for cloning. It’s kind of complicated, but it’s just the way they do things, mainstream administration as much a herding phenomenon as the insouciant community which surrounds leadership with a zombie population that will never fully realize what is happening.

Meanwhile, Ramos and DDA Dauber are frat pups and doing exactly what they are told by their handlers to keep this going. So did Richard Allen Davis, which is why he is still alive on death row. These people are all very evil, albeit Mayor Carey Davis is the tip of THIS ice berg, not lesser demon Mike Ramos.

In fact, if this county wants to get it’s dignity back, take a closer look at Gary Evan Baugh, since he’s the alpha Lucifer and controls the surrounding and adjacent 33 counties to the Redlands LDS temple.

Such is the manifestation of fringe religion and political extremism the combination of which lofts on the public statist jihad and the secret combinations LDS elite explain away on their notorious mistake and misunderstanding thesis. Like this researcher already said, don’t figure these monsters are ever going to ever automatically correct their behavior. This corruption is what they are here for.


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