William Wickham/Redlands LDS Temple

This missive was developed from group notes preemptive of formulating a thesis that describes the LDS church as the product of British Intelligence networked with characters from the French Revolution that, through careful handling, were both responsible for creating this religion as a front organization for hybrid eugenics – one part of a three part troika statist agenda – and were ultimately executed betrayed by the very same people that resourced them in the first place.

This should and aught to be an immense alert to people of conscience who can rapidly process this information to expand on the knowledge of those responsible for such a project, narrate an understanding the implications for allowing this to run wild, and educate the public that the macabre sense LDS elite have that stealth SKIRTS kidnapping for torture of children and adolescent and young women is virtuous and honorable is psychopath bullshit.

The subject of this missive is William Wickham, born 11 November 1761, died 22 October 1840.


William Wickham
5933914 5932814

11 November 1761 (DOB)

22 October 1840 (DOD)

19= 19 April Satanic Fire Ritual


The Redlands LDS temple was dedicated to William Wickham, the address for this Mormon property an encryption for the years of Wickham’s birth and death and also using the Scottish Rite Freemason 27 telegraph.

esi 1761

1761 5th Street, Redlands, California
Wickham birth year= 1761, also 1113 (leap year Satanic Fire Ritual)
Year of death= 1859, or base nine additive sum 5 (5th Street), also 113 (Satanic Fire Ritual).

esi 350

The address of the adjacent LDS church encrypts 9, or in this case 27, this number encryption also appearing in the painting of William Wickham.

esi william wickham

350 Wabash Avenue, Redlands, California
350 Wabash
8 512118
9, also 27

2= Genesis 6:2, radicalized, or hybrid breeding
7= 88 (8 primary stars of Orion and cumulative their triptych encryption base nine additive sum, 8)


There is nothing here that is confabulated or computed in error. This is absolute proof the LDS church is in fact operating an immense SABRA intelligence group networked throughout the US, this entity responsible for over 6000 female abductions annually to resource LDS elite hybrid breeding and solidarity projects.

William Wickham was the intelligence entity responsible for stealth manufacturing of Mormon literature via a cohort of French Revolution domestic terrorists which he later betrayed to attempt to hide the origin of the LDS trilogy: Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price, the later of which implicates this church from hell in kidnapping for torture.

This phony church describes secret combinations as the work of darkness, the point of this to telegraph to RFLDS their place is to shield Mormon elite involved in macabre beyond the imagination.

2 Ne. 9:9; 2 Ne. 10:15; Alma 37:30; Hel. 2:4–13; Hel. 6:21–31; Ether 8:19; Ether 8:22–23; Ether 11:22; Moses 5:51, all of these allege Mormon solidarity against spies and such the actual and real purpose of which: 1) redirects RFLDS discussion of same to leadership so they do not form their own intelligence groups, and 2) such programming stages a character shield the public would never challenge outright on argument that the Mormon church is righteous by it’s literature alone.

Too complicated? It’s meant to be. Next time you invite a missionary over your threshold bear in mind these two are decked out in black and white for a reason. They are metaphorically presenting on your family as the black and white lipped cobra. Tandem= the left and right fang of the same snake. If there is a third missionary dressed in gray slacks, this is the asp. He represents the number 2 for Genesis 6:2, and they have scoped out one of your children for rendition…in the FUTURE!

This Redlands temple was dedicated to William Wickham for a reason. It’s an LDS telegraph the public has capitulated,  state of the art hybrid eugenics is embedded in local domestic infrastructure , and that SABRA is state of the art in resourcing rendition and solidarity projects of local elite.

This temple is likewise identified with the Redlands ONA – also know as the stealthy and undocumented SABRA Lodge 13 – what members are employed by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

LDS elite dedicated the Redlands temple to William Wickham, because he’s the person responsible for creating the Mormon church, an intelligence project, during the French Revolution.

Worse still, the LDS logo The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is encrypted with intelligence mission  creep to oppress, maim and otherwise bewilder the American public the point of which is penetration on American sentimentality and collapse of mainstream Protestant Christianity, and Americans are LOVIN’ it!

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