Ascent of the Demon/Katherine Finchy

Intelligence be damned in these circumstances. Americans aren’t allowed to have it, and if they do and do not flip stupid, God and Jesus save them from the wrath of LDS elite and Scottish Rite Freemasons. Death threat retaliation and attrition blood atonement  understood to be a consequence of thinking in competition with a mainstream programmed on perpetual happiness, this researcher advances an idea so macabre it will be rejected outright by people who have bought into the Big Bird culture that surrounds us all. This missive does further writing on the February 25- 26 2013 Sylvia Marie Flores slaying/sacrifice the official record of which is a Mormon narrated lie.

There are puzzling circumstances surrounding the creation of a public elementary school identified on a three point straight line cartographic what positions are assembled from: 1) an abduction/murder, 2) LDS temple, and 3) a Melchizedek controlled public elementary school identified with Soroptimist internationalist, Katherine Finchy. Beyond what we already understand about the Sylvia Marie Flores slaying, third point, San Bernardino County’s official reality comes to a screeching halt when we learn Finchy was a women’s right to quality life advocate on a cartographic the opposite end of which is the ritual slaying of a prostitute, the Redlands LDS Temple between.

First alert is we know that certain occult religious organizations masquerade humanitarian to gain public trust, for example the Mormon church is such a business. In this case, if Finchy’s Soroptimist Club is authentic, why would the LDS identify this person with an occult ritual slaying of a 23 year old prostitute? Predictably, apologists from both camps, the LDS church and very powerful international Soroptimist Club, will dismiss the appearance of an LDS/Soroptimist liaison via the Mormon mistake and misunderstanding thesis, or assassination. LDS do not tolerate such information reaching the public without punishment. I guess that’ll work if you’re stupid: however the Soroptimist club putting itself over the UN threshold with Relief Society begs the question, are these the same organization? If they are, why aren’t women being made aware of this?

The founder of the Soroptimist Club was Violet Richardson Ward. This researcher’s mind jumps immediately to William Wickham (French Revolution) in a predicative funk with spying and such. It is thus natural to vet Ward for involvement in LDS intelligence in creating an organization that may have been commemorated on human sacrifice in the same manner LDS celebrated this occult religion’s founding 27 years later on their Tubal Cain Mountain Meadows Massacre. That project produced a 1700 mile geocartographic of a lightening bolt that to this day people do not know this exists. Is this what happened to Flores? Aside from her status as a Redlands temple commemorative, was she likewise sacrificed to commemorate the creation of Finchey’s Soroptimist Club?

Also, if there is an LDS connection, which this researcher suspects there is, there is a Scottish Rite Freemason link as well. Oakland, Ward’s city of residence, is home of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Supreme Council, Southern Jurisdiction, USA. This temple opened it’s doors for business 18 October 1915. The Soroptimist Club, founded in 1921, may in fact be a Relief Society satellite much as the original concept for the Mormon church was the product of the Club of the Cordeliers during the French Revolution. The correct idea is commemorative human sacrifice such as is being discussed in this missive, although mystified by ritual and occult telegraph, is nothing more than solidarity pledging secrecy among Soroptimist elite. If true, the organization is corrupt.

It makes sense there is some connection between the ritual abduction/slaying of Sylvia Marie Flores and not only Katherine Finchy, but Violet Richardson Ward as well. The official record of the Flores slaying was manufactured to make it appear as though this young woman was a passion killing. That’s a lie. She was sacrificed, the perp the LDS/Scottish Rite elite of the Redlands/San Bernardino areas inclusive of San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis (son of David O. McKy and then 1951 10 year old abduction victim, Beverly Potts), DA Mike Ramos and Sheriff John McMahon. Every one of these elected officials is a Mason and in one way or another affiliated with the LDS church.

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