San Bernardino Administration From Hell

Unbelievably, but not uncharacteristic of San Bernardino city/county drac administration, folks in this Twilight Zone Mayberry frat came into operation in 1947 with the LDS/Scottish Rite Freemason ritual slaying of Black Dahlia, Elizabeth Short (compass/legs, square/right arm).

Short forms one of the ley line rays on the Redlands ONA with temple commemorative sacrifice, Sylvia Marie Flores, the latter’s death a key alignment with the Redlands temple and Melchizedek controlled Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs.

Can this researcher prove LDS involvement in the Elizabeth Short Slaying? Why would LDS be kiting a 1927 image of George Hodel, the prime suspect in the Short slaying, as an authentic photograph of Joseph Smith if they were not? Only an idiot would not be able to make this connection, and there are certainly plenty of these among RFLDS.

George Hodel as Joseph Smith… That’s bold, and in the mind of this researcher it was anticipated by LDS elite the public would never know the better sixty-nine years later. With American culture swirling in social/domestic debauchery, what difference does it make? America, and particularly San Bernardino, has become a consciousless cesspool.

Morality has capitulated to identity feelings. Ethics has faded into an abyss of multiculturalism. Philosophy is being perverted on the  Freemason inverse hermeneutic  much as the ancient libraries were destroyed at Alexandria, Antioch and Ctesiphon. The public is getting stupider and stupider, and creepy crawlers like Mayor Carey Davis are getting bolder and bolder.

Much as this has already been discussed in detail, Mayor Carey Davis is the black mass son of Beverly Potts (then 10 year old 1951 abduction victim, Cincinnati, OH) and David O. McKay, administration cohorts DA Mike Ramos and Sheriff John McMahon bearing an uncanny resemblance to Potts older sister, Anita, and their father, respectively.

I say with confidence that this administration from hell is morbidly and psychologically violent beyond the imagination, their purpose at this point to cultivate San Bernardino as a sanctuary city coordinated with the League of California Cities in statist mission creep to replace the rule of law with alternative and occult government, and they will mind fuck and destroy the lives of anyone of reputation who disagrees with them.

It’s all good. Long at the reader plays stupid, pretends none of this makes sense and that the devil doesn’t touch your sacred life with mortality, your next project a Big Mack under the golden phallus arches of Osiris McDonalds.

These fellows have it figured out:

Henry Makow/Texe Marrs

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