The REAL San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department

While this missive may seem to deviate somewhat from DOJ’s investigation into the deaths of children in county custody in San Bernardino, the fact is these deaths are occurring facilitated by an administration that is identified with the 19 April Satanic Fire Ritual via occult organizations Scottish Rite Freemasons and the LDS church.

Sylva Marie Flores remains state of the art in processing such macabre in plain sight, the San Bernardino public completely having lost consciousness in these affairs.

Notwithstanding, San Bernardino Sheriff Deputies are unwittingly being recruited to shielding freaky Sheriff John McMahon and black mass cohorts Mayor Carey Davis (Beverly Potts/David O. McKay) and DA Mike Ramos from involvement in human trafficking for torture. All three of these demons are DNA linked to Beverly Potts.

It would take an insouciant and dip shit community like San Bernardino to pull this off, the blue shield more committed to their corrupt FPO/FBPO than the constitution or the civil rights of their rendition victims.

Sylvia Marie Flores (2013) was a bold project telegraphing this occult slaying as a SABRA perped Scottish Rite/LDS project, this administrative team having lined up on some witless dupe, writing Flores off as a crime of passion, albeit at the same time telegraphing to their elite she was indeed an LDS/William Wickham Redlands temple commemorative.

Wickham was directly involved in the development LDS literature during the French Revolution what ideologue authors and publishers were subsequently guillotined leaving very little evidence of their participation in creating at hybrid eugenics movement masquerading noble faith and lofting simultaneous in the US with the Scottish Rite Freemasons.

Louis Antoine Léon de Saint-Just was the then poster boy for the Joseph Smith myth. LDS elite are now using a photo-shopped image of George Hodel (c 1927), the prime suspect in the Elizabeth Short slaying. This comes as no surprise, since Short forms one of the ley lines use to construct the 2.7 mile Redlands ONA geocartographic, this victim in fact having the appearance of being the first in the manufacturing of this LDS MAG encrypted logo.

Like it or not, Scottish Rite Freemasons and LDS are a Brotherhood of the Snake confab, Scottish Rite elite the right fang of this Twilight Zone snake from Hell, LDS the left.

Flores’ sacrificed body was placed at the first point 77 Almond (7) Avenue in Redlands, California, what endpoint was LDS Melchezidek controlled Finchy Elementary School at 777 Tachevah Dr., Palm Springs, TDC the Redlands LDS temple on 5th and Wabash.

Base Nine Triptych Encryption: Almond


5th and Wabash= 5 and 1, 113 and 1 or 113 and 1113. The latter two numbers are also 19 April (Satanic Fire Ritual), the non leap year 109th day of year, 256 days remaining, 1/13, or 113, and leap year 110th day of year, 256 days remaining, 11/13, or 1113. Flores was a Scottish Rite/LDS Satanic Ritual Sacrifice.

The Sheriff’s Department logo= Satanic Fire Ritual encryption. The Arrowhead= inverted one side of the Egyptian Pyramid. Four arrowheads up-righted (encrypted as four letter N in the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department logo)= a completed pyramid structure. Inverted= Brotherhood of Satan.

For the record, although the peace sign (see image) is believed to have originated in 1958 engineered by Gerald Holtom, this information is only partly correct, albeit Holtom’s ’58 manifestation presents 113, or non leap year Satanic Fire Ritual. In reality this symbol dates to 150 CE and may even be associated with Diocletian’s bifurcated assault on St. Sebastian, the former the ideologue “Orion” the correct sexual orientation of which is the radical homosexual, Sebastian one of his former lovers. Of course what this also points to is Scottish Rite and LDS elite hatred of female children and women, although they masquerade hetero sexual to maintain the public’s trust.

These organizations are in fact Diocletian, and wanton killing via mystification such as their Satanic Fire Ritual (date actually identified with the birth and death of Diocletian) make them haa-pee.

blankSS= 33

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