LDS Occult Symbolism/Baphomet/San Bernardino

Mormon apologists are going to have a tough time dismissing this on their notorious mistake and misunderstanding thesis.

Baphomet appears at least twice in LDS symbolism. Moroni is a representation of this effigy (lacks male genitalia; numeric encryption= Baphomet).

Mormon Standard Works also encrypt Baphomet in a geometrical presentation of this literature laid out in a letter circle what dot to dot spelling manifests both the Orion Constellation and Star of David within.

The circle is an occult boundary of power, the symbol within a logo of the occult; it makes sense LDS elite would attempt to preserve their Satanic identity by means of secret combinations impossible to be recognized by the untrained eye.

For the correct idea about how this works, the reader is referred to the circle of letters in the following image formed from the titles of LDS standard works: 1 Holy Bible, 2 Book of Mormon, 3 Doctrine and Covenants, and 4 Pearl of Great Price.

The word BAPHOMET has been carefully encrypted in the letters in such a way that when represented by a dot to dot form both the Orion constellation and Star of David represented similar to the Menorah. These are LDS sacred and highly secretive occult symbols.

This is revealing the Mormon church as an Orion construct identified with Satanic artifacts in secret combinations that contravene church literature.


Stupid is going to describe this phenomenon as an attack on LDS elite. Intelligence is going to recognize this revelation for what it is: fraud and racketeering. Least one forgets, be reminded that LDS elite operate one of the most prolific human trafficking projects on the planet: hybrid breeding via black mass, examples of which are many and include San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis (David O. McKay/Beverly Potts) and his administrative team, DA Mike Ramos and Sheriff John McMahon.

As stated in a previous missive, LDS elite preoccupation with the inverted pentagram is the same type of encrypted logo message. The pentagram thus engineered is designed one point in contact with the ground, four points aloft, hence 1 and 4, or 113.

113= 109th non leap year day of year (1), 256 days remaining (13). Numbers are added base nine. The 109th non leap year day of year= 19 April, or the first day of the 13 day Satanic Fire Ritual (SFR). This church was founded 6 April 1830, 13 days ahead of the SFR, hence LDS identification with the double 13, or 8 (Orion featured in the image above and Star of David).

For the record, and this is of particular interest for those wishing to understand the link between the Mormon church and Scottish Rite Freemasons, 13= 23 February 303 CE (23 2 303= 23233= 13). Scottish Rite Freemasons are motivated to collapse Protestant Christianity and are using the LDS church to do so with great success.


One other such encrypted symbol that bears explanation here is the San Bernardino Sheriff Department logo which is an inverted 7 represented by a folded ribbon bearing 7 black and 6 gold stripes, hence 13 (Diocletian). 7x 13= 91, or SFR 19. The Sheriff’s badge superimposed upon the inverted 7 is also 1 (point on ground plane) and 6 aloft. 6= 9 in the occult, so this badge likewise symbolizes 19. Is there a 113 encryption in this logo?


This sheriff’s badge is represented by seven features. From the center outward, these features are: 1 arrowhead, 2 background, 3 red circle (occult boundary representing SABRA Lodge 13), 4 decorative banner, 5 county logo, 6 gold background, and 7 blue outline. This translates to 7 (background, inverted), inverted 7 pointed star (badge) and 7 featured logo design. 777= 7x 7x 7= 7x 7= 49 (13) and 7x 49= 343 (1), or 113.

Since San Bernardino is an occult administration constructed upon SKIRTS hybrid eugenics, the exclusive perp agency of which is Mormon elite, such a disclosure begs the question: At what point will this insouciant community awaken to the fact that such an enterprise requires periodic culls examples of which are Corinna Novis and Sylvia Marie Flores, both of which were McMahon’s projects?


San Bernardino is a dubmfuk community, the only county in the US sporting a walking talking scale model of the feces covered knobby phallus of Jeffrey Epstein masquerading noble cause conservation mascot to local school children. Epstein is a convicted paedophile, Victor Valley Water District completely stealth with this project, for obvious reasons.

Radical perversion is the signature on Scottish Rite/LDS resourced administrations, scoundrels such as they are highly valued for their disposition to trade conscience for debauchery perks that are currently available through the school district and come in a variety of ages, colors and sex. San Bernardino county residents are obviously LOVIN’ it!


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