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Triptych Predation

STRUCTURE 1.1 HRS manifests as predation. The parent concept is coaction- hijack, reform and solidarity a very powerful coefficient triptych. 1.2 The correct use of the HRS triptych is defeat of an adversary no single part of which is effective alone. Hijack … Continue reading

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LDS Brotherhood of Baphomet

God conscience is one’s awareness of morality and the consequence of ignorance when dealing with predators. The Bible attempts to equip the public with beliefs and values to ready the mind for such circumstances, and it lays out a construct of rules to follow to empower people … Continue reading

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DEMOCRACY: the catalyst for transition from chaos to dictatorship

Democracy is not a political system. It is a catalyst for transition from manufactured chaos to a dictatorship the next step of which will be the disposal of many who oppose Scottish Rite and LDS preeminence. The government of the … Continue reading

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Recovery From Mormonism RfM Discussion Forum: Information Censorship

You have to be politically correct to post information about the Mormon church on this website, which means RfM is masquerading self-help noble cause the back drop of which is LDS analysis of arrituon. RfM uses numerically encrypted website provocateurs … Continue reading

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Extrajudicial Execution/Curbside Sumary Judgement

re You sound paranoid. Hardly. Illuminated leadership is notoriously lacking in enlightenment in the venue of radical government the point of which is collapse of the moral status quo and rule of law. They reconstruct intelligence as arrested development, and police are a good example … Continue reading

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SKIRTS and the Inevitable Consequence of Pathological Stupidity

Imagine being intentionally conceived via SKIRTS, under circumstances so horrific a mother would suicide if she could, and is subsequently sacrificed at birth. The fetus is handed off to a midwife then surrogate and raised under an assumed identity. Since … Continue reading

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Scottish Rite/LDS (SL) Treachery

re What is your problem with the Mormon church? Don’t you think if they were doing all the stuff you accuse them of the police would stop them? First, the most obvious way to begin to understand LDS corruption as … Continue reading

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