Mormon/Baphomet Crossword Puzzle

Dedicated to 1991 LDS Satanic Fire Ritual victim, Deputy Roxyanne Allee.

Mormon apologists, technical writers and attorneys will undoubtedly have a tough time explaining this away on their perverted mistake and misunderstanding thesis, or they’ll ignore it hoping it just goes away the same way public conscience seems to fade into oblivion on their human trafficking/rendition projects.

Every astute Mormon sycophant is aware of this organization’s standard works, this collection of literature manufactured during the French Revolution boldly portraying a noble faith the backdrop of which today is understood to be nothing more than a hybrid breeding project in perpetuity. Look for the devil therein and you will find it in the secret combinations of letters that when analyzed for encryption produce language identified with Egyptian mysticism.

The rationale for such deception is obvious to those who understand what LDS elite are up to. The standard works is the ideologue front this church uses to shield itself from public alert on it’s darker involvement in breeding black mass bloodlines the origin of which is Akhenaten and Nefertiti, but that’s another discussion. Just bear in mind here the disappearances of Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner are pretty typical of LDS elite malingering in human trafficking, the public none the wiser, because, well, Mormons are Mormons! Standard works! Missionaries!

Before the reader completely loses consciousness daydreaming about SUPER Mormon, know this: missionary black and white= the black and white lipped cobra, tandem presentation the left and right fang of the snake, their purpose to recruit not only membership but to identify every female in your household, report this information to their bishops and commence temple soul marriage to same regardless of marital status, or age.

Two sources of LDS encryption of the identification of the ideologue core of this faith from hell can be found in the church logo, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a variation on the the Christ Church movement in England that LDS project developer William Wickham was a member of, and the standard works, thus:



THEHHEBOKRDOTRONASEOF= Brotherhood of the Snake

Encryption of Egyptian motifs in the titles of the LDS standards works tell yet more about what is actually going on sort of in the backdrop of this occult organization but not so absolutely arcane that people who look at these titles can not subliminally process LDS elite mission creep. Those who possess the intelligence to follow their intuition will alert on two of the most notorious occult effigies of our day, Baphomet and Akhenaten. Further scrutinization of these titles produced the following word groups, every letter made use of, manifesting in the crossword puzzle below. The reader can look at this and do the stupid act, or this may in fact be an opportunity for recovery from Satanic Ritual Abuse that accompanies this mind control propagandized noble faith.


This researcher understands public affinity with drama and magic is inherent in a state of mind that has very little training in analysis and reason, or is incapable of it, so, it isn’t likely a couple of profane examples are going to motivate a national alert on a stealthy criminal organization that specializes in human trafficking. A couple more examples to help folks out.

Moroni lacks male genitalia. Baphomet also lacks male genitalia. What’s the point of this if Mormon elite stake a claim to the souls of your female women and children for breeding in a subsequent lifetime much as Thomas Monson is doing in this lifetime with his human trafficking victims? We’re talking insanity, but this is LDS elite, at least as far as the public is concerned. The magic keeps the public too preoccupied with mystification to perceive what they are actually doing in the backdrop one example of which was 1991 solidarity kill, Roxyanne Allee. Both Baphomet and Moroni also convey androgyny, the expectation that the mainstream does not compete with the sex magic of LDS elite.


Also, using what is known about Mormon use of base nine numeric encryption the letters L, D and S telegraph a couple of phenomenon of interest to those looking for reality in this phony religion1 1) L= square, D= compass, S= snake, snakes are predators, deal with it, and 2) LDS written as a numeric cryptogram produces the numbers 88 and 7:


88= 1) 8 for the eight primary stars of Orion, 2) 8 for the triptych encrypted base nine additive sums of the names of these stars, and 3) 7, the Freemason prime.

LDS also encrypts 554= 5 for 7 and 5, or the 7 and five lobed oak leaves (Druid).

FUCK “Hapi” Mormon elite apologists, technical writers and attorneys, and FUCK their solidarity pledging child/human sacrifice projects.

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