Labor Radicalism

No matter how one attempts to describe it, an understanding of the word radical evades easy explanation, canned definitions so convoluted its natural to dismiss this word out of mind rather than struggle through the various arguments that can issue on a misunderstanding what is actually meant.

Google produced a couple of functional definitions of this word:

1. relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough. Synonyms: thoroughgoing, thorough, complete, total, comprehensive, exhaustive, sweeping, far-reaching, wide-ranging, extensive, across the board, profound, major, stringent. Antonym: superficial

2 advocating or based on thorough or complete political or social reform; representing or supporting an extreme section of a political party.

3 In chemistry, a group of atoms behaving as a unit in a number of compounds.
4 Origin: late Middle English in the senses ‘forming the root’ and ‘inherent’.

5 Political radicalism which denotes political principles focused on altering social structures through revolutionary means and changing value systems in fundamental ways.

This researcher places value on the Middle English explanation, because such a definition operates on the idea that what is to become the target of radical process is identification with a fundamental belief.

Let’s take for example human trafficking and abduction and sacrifice of 23 year old prostitutes. While the chosen profession of such an individual might seem morally decrepit, such a person does engage in a profitable business, and being human give this individual some protection.

But let’s take away that protection. Let’s radicalize this individual’s lifestyle by so condemning it were this person to fall to predatory circumstances no one would give this a second thought. Prostitute? Meh! Let’s further groom and stalk this person to a kidnap knowing full well the more hostile the public to this profession the less likely people will be to run to her defense in a conflict situation between she and a John.

Given the public’s disposition to regard prostitution as the devil’s work, this person has no protection, her circumstances so different than the mainstream, so radical, it will be a miracle if she survives. Her survival then is the inherent root of her existence. Let’s radicalize this person’s life further.

We know who this is, where she is. We know what we want to do, how we have planned to do it. We know when we will radicalize this person, and we acknowledge further the public will give this no attention when it’s done. Now that we’re able to do such a project, what’s to stop us from advancing the same radical agenda on the public at large? If survival is the determinant of a desire to radicalize a target, hell everyone’s a potential rendition victim in these circumstances, enter Sylvia Marie Flores and her John, San Bernardino Sheriff McMahon.

In the forgoing example, radical means to attack and reform stasis and whatever this means to the person targeted for radicalization. The US is evolving a permissive attitude toward paedophilia. This is a radical shift from the moral and ethical constraints on such a phenomenally damaging practice, the rule of law which prohibits this be damned.

The governor of California recently signed into legislation SB227, the vaccination mandate that produces 6 deaths for every 1000 infants vaccinated, which is medically assisted child sacrifice. Pair paedophilia and child sacrifice with giggling and laughter for a moment. In the next phase of this discussion we’ll look at a more intelligent concept of radical and attendant behavioral pathology, giggling and laughter at the thought of it.

Radicalization magnifies the juxtaposition of the double bind upon a con the point of which is to intentionally dys-synchronize philosophical constructs and their moral and ethical sub structures upon which a society bases it’s identity. This is predatory behavior, and people targeted for confusion are prey.

A society with a strong identity possess a tough moral code and is a difficult if not impossible occupation project. A society with a weak identity exhibits moral diffusion, possesses very little if any self determination, and will capitulate it’s comparatively aimless and socially bereft self-aggrandizement to whatever greater power manifests to subdue it. Dip shit America is an example of the latter.

This researcher has talked the meaning of radical and it’s implications around the block, typical discussions beginning and ending on an eye roll, diversion to alternative activity, walk offs, ignored telephone calls, and literally folks responding confrontational to avoid the conversation all together. One might as well suspend an inverted back cross from a public facing window of one’s home to alert the public this location is the living space of reality daemonism.

Meanwhile, in the mainstream, Americans are giggling and laughing themselves over a Twilight Zone threshold of exotic fast food, indiscriminate sex and degenerate entertainment the consequence of which there will be no constitutional restoration. Much as people figure Jesus is going to rush in and safe them while they eat, fuck and party around the clock, there is no example where this has ever happened on this planet.

In these circumstances, baited means baited, and captured means captured, the reality of which are not fully realized until it is understood that Fukushima is in fact killing people, chem-trails are in fact suffocating the weak, vaccinations do in fact kill 6 out of every 1000 infants vaccinated, and GMO crops will starve an otherwise surviving population.

I had a brief albeit lively conversation with a couple of women at the grocery store yesterday afternoon that lasted about three minutes and culminated in laughter over the fly crawling on Hillary Clinton’s face during her debate with Donald Trump. They did not connect this back to Barack Obama’s theatrical stunt using the same occult motif of destruction, because they were not thinking. Now this is a challengew point for radicalization. Thinking involves processing via analysis and reason. Radicalization is agenda driven,m hence the use of the word labor in the title of this missive.

Again, that non thinking giggling and laughter is pathological, the inevitable consequence of which Labor Zionism parlays into an easy kill on a population that possess no identity to preserve itself from predation, but then this has been the state of mind of the mainstream all along, to bait to and rally around the absurd and macabre drama addicted to whatever agenda manufactured flavor of the day chaos captures and satiates one’s imagination and in the process rendering psychologically soulless whatever is left as a slave.

I will give credit to one of these women who boldly stated that when she tries to talk to others about what she perceives to be serious issues with public leadership they bristle making it impossible to have a conversation. What she did not seem to understand was her intellectual thoroughbred status among scoundrels, that thinking makes her a threat to those who do not think, and that her own intelligence was soaring in those circumstances. It was difficult to watch her self-degradation to giggling with the lesser intelligent of the two.

Figure the impact of the closure of this missive on the reader if the writer were to culminate in canned laughter LOL, Kewl, OMG LMAO!


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