Shin Bet in San Bernardino, California

This should alert people in this now fading inland region but probably will not; San Bernardino is being groomed as a sanctuary city, one of the long term projects of the Scottish Rite Freemasons and LDS church, and Shin Bet appears to be helping out.

It is sad to watch degradation loft on this once bubbly region, people there now too preoccupied with making a living to do civics, to participate more critically in the affairs of local government, or to just even talk about what is happening there. There is no public discussion on this location other than propaganda eddies that periodically issue from the Sun Telegram giving political circumstances there the feel of a Twilight Zone haze having settled over an otherwise slowly disintegrating public. San Bernardino is not a ghost town, yet, but it’s starting to feel like one.

Needless to spend too much time going over the obvious, the point of this missive is to enlighten the reader with the not so obvious backdrop to San Bernardino having transformed so darkly over such a short period of time. That happens when leadership principled on racketeering, fraud and human trafficking for torture rule the day, the state and federal constitutions be damned. More broadly, the entire state of California is regarded as a sanctuary city in informed circles, the lesser acknowledged occult goings on likely the reason for this politically engineered degradation.

There are two points on a historical dot to dot what connection between is a straight line denoting the onset of Labor Zionism to it’s manifestation upon the public as perverted 400 years ago as it is today. Sabbatai Zevi is the go to guy for institutional/fraternal Crypto the ideology of which prescribes masquerading noble faith all the while practicing privately whatever perverse and Satanic actives turn you on, and of course this is state of the art ideologue among Freemason and LDS elite who, while doing stupid to con their public are committing some of the most horrific crimes known to man, San Bernardino TDC in development of the LDS hybrid Satanic bloodline.

San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis has been at the center of a human trafficking conspiracy for the last three years. This administration has attempted to suppress information sharing on this issue by boldly pressing an APS hijack on this researcher’s handicapped daughter inclusive of using residential provocateurs to loft death threats opportunistic to target the victim for arrest typical of radical law enforcement, the point of this of course to preserve Davis from being discovered as a full blown black mass product. This problem will become more apparent with a cursory and readable analysis of the Sheriff department logo which is paired with Shin Bet and manifests also a hail to the LDS Satanic Fire Ritual.

esi shin bet2.jpg

Getting right to the point, this researcher alerted on the 2013 abduction/slaying of Sylvia Marie Flores based on what appeared to be a key straight line cartographic linking Flores first to the Redlands LDS temple and second on a timeline and local ONA geocartographic to the 1947 slaying of Elizabeth Short, 1966 slaying of Cheri Jo Bates, 1974 disappearance of Laurie Lynn Partridge, 1986 engineered death of SBCSD Deputy Don DeMeulle, and 1986 abduction slaying of Corinna Novis. DeMeulle, Novis and Flores were McMahon’s projects.

Do California Sheriff departments actually perp such crimes? Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones, having been accused of involvement in the slaying of one of his own deputies, Jeff Mitchell, the DA in that jurisdiction having directed this complaint back to Jones himself for investigation, sent a detective team to my home the two of which proceeded to do a shake down, one of these perverts stating his intention to first shoot and then arrest me if I persisted in making this issue known to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department in writing.

According to Deputy Danny Oliver, Mitchell was a personal friend, and he, Oliver, took personal offense at my allegation Scott Jones was involved in this. These folks, like San Bernardino sheriff, used residential provocateurs to maintain an around the clock harassment presence near our home. Oliver ended up dead two years later having provoked a traffic stop to a deadly confrontation. Hard lesson.

Anyway, as can be viewed in the image above, the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department works the numbers the same way Sylvia Marie Flores perps laid our her rendition, the Mayor, DA and Sheriff having manufactured the official record of this slaying as a crime of passion, which is a lie.

Flores was racketeered human trafficking commemorative/solidarity rendition and sacrificed by the people that falsely documented this horrific crime as a rape and murder. Flores was used to commemorate the opening of the Redlands LDS temple, the latter of which is covertly dedicated to William Wickham. Wickham is another story, suffice to say the Mormon church is in no way the organization people believe it to be.

The San Bernardino Sheriff’s department, AKA undocumented SABRA Lodge 13, is organized under the Order of the Nine Angels and operates under the supervision of LDS Temple Administrator, Gary Evan Bough, as do 30 other county policing agencies around this temple, albeit San Bernardino has special significance as the host of one local administrator whose notoriety among his elite cohorts is preeminent. Mayor Carey Davis is the black mass son of 1951 human trafficking for torture abductee, Beverly Potts, and then LDS president and Genesis 6:2 earthbound son of God son of a bitch, David O. McKay.

This information duplicates Stake President Bodhaine’s 1995 written telegraph of LDS involvement in the 1974 abduction of Laurie Lynn Partridge via then proxy author, Bishop Grant, Riverside, California. They thought they were being clever using the same encryption method they used to perp Mountain Meadows what cipher has gone virtually unnoticed since 1830. The encryption key is the Skull and Bones 322 logo. These are indeed some pretty sick mother fuckers and are typical of the type of leadership bred into existence by the Scottish Rite Freemasons and LDS church to do the destruction they do.

Both logos featured in this analysis, San Bernardino Sheriff and Shin Bet, represent the Luciferian motif, Moloch, the occultation of mercury by the moon featured by the logo business in the foreground behind which is the crescent moon, the source of the latter of which are the horns of Moloch. Both logos feature number 8, these representing first the eight primary stars of Orion and second the cumulative base nine triptych encryption of same. 88= base nine additive sum, 7/Freemasons.

Sylvia Marie Flores was Sheriff John McMahon’s project as was Corinna Novice early in his career with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. He used patsies same as Richard Allen Davis was used by Pete Wilson to perp Polly Klass. Do be aware Richard Allen Davis, as are Corinna Novis’ perps, remain alive on California’s death row, this for a reason. Moloch predators do not attack their own the reason for this to eliminate disincentive as felon rendition assets.

McMahon is a psychopath occult serial killer and makes exclusive use of human sacrifice to commemorate such events as the opening of the Redlands LDS temple and solidarity pledging subordinating administrators. While Mayor Carey Davis had no control over his circumstances, as an adult, when he became aware of this, he had the opportunity to end this, which he did not. DA Mike Ramos, same issues. Remarkably, McMahon is a ringer for Beverly Potts father, Ramos for her older sister, Anita. Family resemblance persists into third generation.

With Shin Bet modeling rendition in San Bernardino, and police and sheriff willing to go along with this masquerading noble cause, Sylvia Marie Flore and others like her will continue to be the fate of young women in this Moloch culture. The apolitical mainstream is a willing victim population, predator leadership equally as willing psychopaths the inevitability of which are dormice being regularly picked off by snakes, owls and coyotes and such.

FUCK John McMahon.

For the record, this researcher has no inclination for vigilantism but does possess skill in self defense. That little prick McMahon sponsored to knife me 23 January 2016 would very well have lost his life had he attempted to follow through on his threat. San Bernardino Sheriff can take that up with Redlands Police Detective, Corey Hunt.


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