Magick San Bernardino

San Bernardino city/county leadership is servicing a Crypto Shin Bet administration in competition with local, state and federal civil codes.

This administration is engaged in the use of occult MAGIC via agitprop and human trafficking projects in the form of bifurcated presentation of domestic terrorism involving both staged and real events the purpose of which is to build trust in the perp entity and this Intel operation’s service assets, San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis, District Attorney Mike Ramos, and Sheriff John McMahon.

Carey Davis is the son of 1951 abduction victim, Beverly Potts, and then president of the Mormon church, David O. McKay. Very little is known about any of these individuals, the opportunity for subversion of local domestic infrastructure overwhelming if people in this community do respond to this local coup.

Frat “MAGICK” targets and makes use of intimidation to coerce someone to give up something another person wants. In this case, Crypto is transforming San Bernardino’s economic status to accommodate sanctuary seeking Middle East immigrants the only block to which is the standing black, hispanic and white populations.

Coercive occult MAGICK is presenting on the San Bernardino public via terrorist drills such as was the case 2 December 2015. Human trafficking for torture is being conducted to service Scottish Rite and LDS elite perpetual solidarity pledging, the most current example of which locally was the 2013 LDS perped abduction and slaying of Sylvia Marie Flores.

This type of manipulation is akin to sorcery and involves provocateured bullying, sexual exploitation and stealth methods which contravene civil code locally and the rule of law generally. While terrorist drills are a protected activity under Smith-Mundt, human trafficking has no protection from the law, except where tyrant Jerry Brown working with AIPAC HANDLERS would attempt to change this.

County of San Bernardino is a subversive coercive administration what manifestation upon the public can be perceived by analysis of county logo, FNCS case study on local human trafficking and vetting of administration and leadership the current individuals of which were produced via Satanic black mass breeding SKIRTS Eves other examples of which are Cherry Jo Bates and Laurie Lynn Partridge and outright hunan sacrifice two dated examples of which were Deputy Don Demeulle and his retention counrterpart, Corinna Novis, both 1986.

Davis, Ramos and McMahon are every one of them SL Shin Bet Crypto assets, their childhoods kept out of the public view for the simple reason they are not who they portray themselves to be. For an example of how they are operating, consider the following:

Current Thomas Monson perped Natalee Hollowly and Robyn Gardner. Contrary to his status among his Bapgomet elite, Monson, like his quorum elite, is a sadistic sociopath typical of Freemason placed leadership masquerading noble character in a service asset relationship with Shin Bet Intel, the latter the organization that actually currently controls San Bernardino through the Scottish Rite Freemasons and Mormon church under the occult project logo, Order of the Nine Angels and official albeit non registered Freemason lodge name, SABRA Lodge 13.

For lack of transparency, it is reasonable to predict stealth is a function of political sorcery lofting the idea that this administration is not only practicing MAGICK – the purpose of which is sabotage of the civil code and state and federal constitutions – leadership in this community of demon bred role models is New World Order material their radical Genesis 6:2 mission creep so apparent, and the insouciant public so accommodating, it won’t be long before this location melds with SB227 to shield a reputation for the CPS in custody deaths of minors from the California Department of Justice, with blessings from occult practitioner and demonic and ever smiling senatorial medical cohort, Dr. Peter Pan.

San Bernardino hierarchy of power:

Shin Bet
Scottish Rite Freemasons
Mormon church (Baphomet/Moroni)
Local City/County Administrative Assets
Watchtower/Lutheran Assets
Felon Provocateur Assets
Wet Works Assassins

As stated previously, the Redlands 2.7 mile ONA geocartographic was initiated in 1947 and culminated on Sylvia Marie Flores 66 years hence in 2013.

The correct understanding is Elizabeth Short was a 15 January 1947 prequel commemorative sacrifice on the subsequent 18 September 1947 founding of the CIA, a SABRA cohort. The numbers look like this:

15 January 1947 (Elizabeth Short)
> 18 September 1947 (CIA Founding)

> 8m 3d
> 83
> 2

> 246d 35w 1d
> 246351
> 3


15 January 1947 (Elizabeth Short)
> 25 February 2013 (Sylvia Marie Flores)
> 66y 1m 10d
> 5
> 23

18 September 1947 (CIA Founding)
> 25 February 2013 (Sylvia Marie Flores)
> 65y 5m 7d
> 5
> 23

Sylvia Marie Flores was 23 years old. Her body was placed on a key SLC connecting three locations, the first address 77 Almond, the two subsequent, William Wickham dedicated Redlands Mormon temple and Melchizedek controlled Katherine Finchy Elementary Elementary School in Palm Springs, each encrypted 77 in their address locations.

77= 5, three times repeating 23 manifesting in connection with the founding of the CIA on the commemorative sacrifice of Elizabeth Short. The story is in the numbers, the method used to telegraph occulr preeminance to an otherwise dip shit public too preoccupied with its “lifestyle” goodie bag to care one way or another.

Why Redlands? Because of this location’s proximity to a mountainous region in which Scottish Rite Freemason and LDS elite can create and maintain highly secretive breeding and holding tanks for production of children and adults used in human sacrifice. This project has been in the works for this purpose since the Mormons founded San Bernardino in 1851 and subsequently formed San Bernardino County in 1852 coordinated with Los Angeles County.

Bearing in mind what is being described is a Mormon Zion, and remembering that Moroni is a Baphomet effigy, what has happened is while the mainstream has assumed a constitutional presence in this region, there has established in the backdrop a deep state shadow government that operates entirely on occult protocol assisted by SABRA intel the local office of which is the Order of the Nine Angels cum Shin Bet cum SABRA Lodge 13.

Flores, and others like her, was a cull. She was perped in the greater challenge of pulling this off in broad daylight, SL elite fully aware that her reputation as a freelance prostitute, her disappearance and death would be regarded as a trade risk she alone was responsible for. For this reason there was no public outrage or oversight vetting of the official records of this sheriff asset occult rendition, the public be damned, and documentation offered via a September 2016 investigation complaint alleging sheriff involvement in this project was dismissed UNFOUNDED in writing and bearing an encrypted “wet works”death threat identified with the Scottish Rite Freemasons to its author.

California DOJ provided the redirect on this complaint, the correct administrative office thrilough which this information was processed San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office, Internal Affairs. Outside of having followed this procedure, McMahon was ingoring all other complaints on his occult involvement on the SL Flores abduction/slaying.

For further clarification on the “dip shit” remark above, here’s the local community on this> LOL Kewl OMG LMAO, which is the pathological state of mind of the victim psychopath and the reason SL occukt elite are getting away with this.


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