San Bernardino District Attorney, Mike Ramos

The information contained in this bio is available online at the time of writing herein bearing one purpose only: to contrast the groomed biography of this man against the backdrop of who he actually is and his purpose in San Bernardino County, neither of which are solvent with the rule of law as we understand it. Mike Ramos, like Mayor Carey Davis, is Beverly Potts bloodline, the first of these, Mayor Davis, learned through current research.

On the other hand, the research OpEd is relatively new material.


Estimated DOB 1957
6 years following 1951 Beverly Potts disappearance

1976 Redlands HS
1980 UCR, BA/Social Science
1988 Citrus Belt Law School, Juris Doctorate
4th term DA

San Bernardino Probation Department
Probation Officer
Assistant DA
Narcotics Prosecutor
School Board
California Victim Compensation Board
President California District Attorney Association
Rep National District Attorney Association
Nat District Attorneys Association Board Dir
Coalition Against Sexual Exploitation (CASE)
Partnered DA, SBCSD, Prob, COE, DCFS, DBH
Proposition 35 Advocate
Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit
Human Trafficking Vertical Prosecution Unit
Partnered w/Human Trafficking JITF
Inland Empire Hispanic Image Award
CAPO Award recipient
POST appointed by Gov Jerry “JeeBs Brown
Cold Case Unit
MADD Prosecutor of the Year award
33 degree Scottish Rite Freemason

And after all of this, ONA/SABRA Lodge 13 human trafficking for torture asset on the 2013 LDS temple William Wickham/Elizabeth Short commemorative kidnaping and slaying of 23 year old Hispanic prostitute, Sylvia Marie Flores, the official mind fuck record of which falsely documents this ritual kill as a crime of passion.

On an aside, JeeBs SB227 was collective discipline for this researcher having asked him to resign for his involvement in solidarity pledging child sacrifice. SB227 mandates vaccination/medically assisted child sacrifice at a statistical rate of 6:1000 infants vaccinated, which was his way of saying fuck you and commencing the pharmaceutical slaying of
California’s infant population for revenge.


This researcher fielded one of this scum SOBs residential LDS networked provocateurs, one David Gutierrez, for three years, including death threats, this pervert breaking every moral and ethics standard in Ramos’ bio, Ramos himself pulling this CAST perp off subsequent to a DOJ redirect on my complaint of McMahon’s SL frat involvement in the same kidnapping.

Said information was forwarded to California DOJ in connection with the state’s investigation of child deaths in custody in San Bernardino and San Diego Counties. Bear in mind both counties were Scottish Rite/Mormon Zion projects late 1800.

Mike Ramos is sadistic psychopath and also Beverly Potts bloodline.

Beverly Potts was kidnapped from Cincinnati Ohio in 1951 by a SL rendition team using a Relief Society sorority matron, handed of to Melchizedek for control for a period of time and subsequently bred to David O. McKay producing R. Carey Davis, McMahon and Ramos very possibly fathered by two other SL elite. Potts was used as a Genesis 6:2 radicalized breeder Eve. Ramos is androgenous.

When confronted on Twitter, both Ramos and McMahon blocked this researcher and amped up their residential annoyance in abeyance of all the certification rhetoric in Ramos’ magical Oz bio inclusive of a San Bernardino County attempted coup on my handicapped daughter during the 4-20 June 2014 Mercury retrograde. My written complaint documenting this as a Freemason enterprise sent them packing, but they sustained a presence via Superior Court psychologists who in all honesty seemed dumbfounded when confronted with information describing these circumstances as a County engineered APS kidnap attempt under color. I don’t believe either one of them had a clue about the issues precipitating such a felony orchestrated event.

Currently, mighty Mike Ramos, whomever he may be, is fielding a complaint, the resources at his end staffed by a million dollar stooge think tank that will attempt to erase the story their MAG encryption has telegraphed to the public, a language people in this location are sorely lack of understanding only because they haven’t yet tealuzed it even exists: however, rest assured rhis veru same population knows very the language of discounts at their nearby McDonalds.

What this language will tell people is of all the unrecovered adductions occurring in San Bernardino County since 1900, in particular 234 (tandem abductions), which of these were perped by SL elite. This aught to be a huge interest to some of the organizations created by Ramos and his creepy administrative cohorts.

For the record, SL SABRA Lodge 13 will never bring it’s felon leadership to justice, this drama addicteed community thoroughly invested in the denial politics of the victim psychopath.


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