Coffee w Mike Ramos 11 May 2012

re Coffee w District Attorney Mike Ramos: Redlands Native Talks Past and Present

This is a revealing article not so much because Mike Ramos has anything of value to say to his public, but otherwise because this monologue lays out an occult straight line cartographic Doyle, Webster, and Loma Linda. A discussion about that will have to come later.

More importantly is the date of this public appearance on an occult calendar with the 25 February 2013 SL human trafficking for torture rendition of Sylvia Marie Flores.

The numbers tell the story this demonic DA cannot eliminate through argument. All he can do is read the facts and figure his odds of getting caught involved in human trafficking, a crime he nobly alleges to oppose.

Ramos is not who is claims to be. MIKE RAMOS is one of three sons of 1951 abduction victim, Beverly Potts. Administrative cohort, Mayor Carey Davis, is the son of David O. McKay and Beverly Potts.

So far, Ramos’ actual father is unknown except he is believed to have been SL elite. Ramos was raised by surrogates, a product as it were of SL malingering with Genesis 6:2 radical hybrid eugenics typical of a Freemason Orion predator.

About that timeline, what this mind fuck did was structure a public appearance on an occult calendar with a subsequent kidnapping that was in the works well in advance of his Mayberry meeting with his naive public.

In reality, these people, knowing or unknowing, were participating in a Satanic prequel staging an abduction Ramos himself would subsequently manufacture documentation to cover up as an occult crime in human trafficking for torture, the mainstream public be damned.

11 May 2012 computed on a timeline with 25 and 26 February 2013 (SL Sylvia Marie Flores kidnapping and slaying) produces the Scottish Rite Freemason and LDS 113, numeric representation for the non leap year 19 April Satanic Fire Ritual, the same occult event the Mormon church was founded on, the latter an argument of truth, since LDS elite assert their noble faith was founded 6 April 1830.

First of all, no faith that wants to survive identified with Protestant Christianity is going to launch on 19 April, for obvious reasons, but in this case such a founding did occur cloaked in the magic of the secret combinations of numbers.

6 April= 64, or 1 (base nine additive sum). 1830= 3. 1 and 3= occult 13 precipitating a 13 day count to the 13 day 19 April Satanic Fire Ritual. The date of the founding of the Mormon church, 6 April 1830, is encrypted 13, a prompt to count 13 days forward to 19 April.

As stated above in paragraph 6, line 4, 113 is code for the Satanic Fire Ritual, thus: 19 April of any non leap year is the 109th day of year, 256 days remaining. 109= 1; 256= 13, hence 113.

There is no question what is happening here. Numbers are the sacred language of the occult, and Scottish Rite and LDS elite make prolific use of them in their occult story telling.

The image that accompanied this missive was composed to feature the number 13, the man on the left facing Ramos, Sheriff McMahon and COE on the right, oblique.

The following are the colors of objects in the missive image and their triptych numeric equivalents and can be read in the notes at the end of this missive.

tie- red/7
tie- blue/6

shirts- white/8

76= 13 which repeats the staged positions of image subjects and lends itself to the same numeric sequence identified in the founding of the Mormon church on the Satanic Fire Ritual, or the double 13.

Black and white= the black and white lipped cobra. 28 is the number of days between 22 March and 19 April, again featuring the Satanic Fire Ritual. 22 March is 23 February reversed, thus:

23 February= 2/23, or 223
22 March= 3/22, or 322

322= Skull and Bones, a party to which is the Mormon church, the numeration of which computes 19 April for the Satanic Fire Ritual.

Affect among these monsters is mechanical. Beginning with COE, notice this individual sitting in the shadow stoic, McMahon comparatively smiling, sort of.

McMahon smiles with his eyes. This means when he tries to smile with his mouth his eyes widen, which is brain damage from being born to a mother sacrificed by having her heart cut out moments before delivering her fetus.

The eyes should otherwise narrow during a smile. McMahon himself likely is an alpha breeder to such females in his Satanic affiliation with the Scottish Rite Freemasons and LDS church. McMahon’s occult induction into the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department was Deputy Don DeMeulle, this sheriff deputy’s retention sacrifice, Corinna Novice.

COE has the look if a sociopath, McMahon an idiot, Ramos a puppet. The man standing to the right of Ramos appears to be processing sensorily typical of a person who is thinking, which makes him a little out of place with this group, unless he yet to be initiated on Flores.

Persons missing in this group are Melchizedek public school administrator, the androgynous Arlan Anderson, the location of the third point on the Flores SLC of which is his elementary school in Palm Springs, and Redlands temple administrator, Gary Evan Baugh, point two on this geocartographic from hell.

It is known in informed communities of persons who document and educate the public about occult syndicates such as these that elite are promoted for their predisposition for perversion, the reason for this these are willing to allow themselves to be coerced against the rule of law in exchange for resources which aggrandize their their abnormal appetites, among these a desire to have sex with children typical of radical homosexuals.

This isn’t to say that gay and lesbian identified individuals ate perverts, bit instead to point out that radical homosexuality is a pathological variant of these and predisposed to extreme forms of sexual arousal identified with torture and bestiality and hence their ideological fulfillment in Baphomet, or Moroni, since these are one and the same entity.

I will repeat here what I have said previously, that Sheriff John McMahon encrypted a “wet works” death threat in his response to my complaint alleging his occult involvement in the ritual slaying of Sylvia Marie Flores a copy if which is now sitting on Ramos’ desk collecting dust, for the time being.

These men are dangerous. They are involved in solidarity pledging highly structured on the Order of the Nine Angels, and they have no compunction perping on the public whomever they are directed to take down on orders from their SL/Shin Bet masters.

All of them were trained in this occult process from childhood, every one of them having participated in the ritual slaying of another human being to train on the solidarity pledge un preparation for SL mission creep the actual and real manifestation of which is subjugation of the rile of law to statist occult process that acculturates human sacrifice.

This 11 May 2012 public appearance was a prequel to the highly structured human trafficking for torture of sylvia Marie Flores, two companion ONA administrators of whom were Jeff Epstein (Redlands/September 2012) and Bill Clinton (Finch School in Palm Springs/January 2013).

How stupid of the public. How tragic for the victims of the human trafficking for torture of this monster administration. How stealthy the the movement of these demons among those who trust them lacking any suspicion they are all frat serial killers masquerading noble public service.






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