LDS Number Magic and San Bernardino SABRA lodge 13 Team McMahon, Ramos and Davis ONA Rendition

Happiness is never an authentic substitute for reality, but God only knows people who trade these end up irrevocably bound to a demon that has no tolerance for redaction.

The question came up how could the Mormon church possibly be involved in kidnaping for torture locally and people miss this?

Take into consideration LDS have installed Baphomet effigy, Moroni, atop every one of their 90 US temples no one ever making the connection between, and the answer to this question is simple.

People aren’t paying attention, and the Mormon church wouldn’t give a fuck if they were. LDS is one of the biggest criminal organizations on the planet, and people are missing that, too.

Mormon elite do not perp without telegraphing their crimes to the public, although they do not use an easily recognizable language. They use numbers an example of which appears below.

Sylvia Marie Flores Three Point SLC

1) Body Drop
77 Almond Avenue, Redlands, CA
77= 7x 7= 49= 13 (Diocletian 23 February 303)

2) LDS Temple
1761 5th Avenue, Redlands, CA
1761= 1x 7x 6x 1= 42= 6= 1113 (LY Satanic Fire Ritual)

3) Katherine Finchy Elementary School
777 Tachevah Drive, Palm Springs, CA
777= 7x 7x 7= 347= 5= 113 (NLY Satanic Fire Ritual)


Several concepts loft on this SLC that help to build the correct understanding about a timeline upon which the Flores abduction occurred. The numbers set this up.

As stated in a previous discussion, such rendition projects are engineered over several years giving the perp plenty of time to set up the rendition target and a patsy. That’s all racketeering in human trafficking, by the way, a crime San Bernardino District Attorney Mike Ramos alleges to be fighting.

On an aside, we know Ramos is Crypto, because he processed the Flores abduction as a crime of passion having had the investigative resources to understand this. Besides, Ramos was one of a cohort if occult practitioners who pulled this off, his special projects in preserving children from abduction be damned.

The address at 77 Almond dates to the 1930s. The Redlands temple was opened 9 August 2003 (announced 21 August 2001). Finchy Elementary School was dedicated in 1951 and again in the Spring of 1998. While PSUSD may have a rationale for the Finchy rededication, in reality, this event occurred on a timeline sequencing three points 77 Almond Avenue, 1761 5th and 777 Tachaveh.

SL elite used the ’98 rededication to established Baphomet (Moroni) deep state leadership preeminance in this public school, which subsequently this location was used on a human trafficking for torture SLC conveying to those who perceived it the actual and real nature of the abduction/slaying of Sylvia Marie Flores.

It is unknown what year exactly the 77 Almond Avenue address was established: however, 23 is thematic in a connection between the 1998 Finchy rededication and announcement and opening of the LDS Redlands temple. With this in mind, 1761 5th Avenue decrypts 23 (see notes below).

1998 to 2001= three years. 2001- 2003= 2 years. 3 and 2= 32, or the Scottish Rite Freemasons. The Finchy rededication was coordinated with the announcement and opening dates of the Redlands LDS temple and subsequent 2013 human trafficking for torture of Sylvia Marie Flores. Flores was 23 years old.

2003 to 2013 (Flores abduction)= 10 years, the purpose of pointing this out to add 32 and 1 to produce 33. 32 and 33 are rhe Scotish Rite Freemasons and also 5 (32) and 6 (33) or 113 and 1113, respectively. 113= the non leap year Satanic Fire Ritual for the 109th day of year, 256 days remaining, or 19 April. 1113= the leap year Satanic Fire Ritual for the 110th day of year, 256 days remaining, also 19 April.

Also, 1998= 9= 27, the manifestation of which in numbers in criminal abduction are 2/genesis 6:2 radicalized and 7/Freemasons, the gang of three of which in this region are ONA perps Sheriff John McMahon, DA Mike Ramos and Mayor Carey Davis, and the equivalent of which in evil are rendition assets Richard Allen Davis and Joseph Edward Duncan III.

The Redlands temple address of 1761 5th Street is a William Wickham dedication. 1761 (6/1113) was the year of Wickham’s birth, 1840 (4/13) the year if his death. 5th (113) decrypts 4 for 1840.

For clarification, 1761 5th Street decrypts 13 (Diocletian, the importance of which is the DESTRUCTION of Christianity and hence the rise of the anti Christ through such organizations as the Mormon church) and the Satanic Fire Ritual (113 and 1113).

Capitulation of freedom and liberty is easily accomplished via baiting to food, sex and entertainment, which is why LDS are so heavily invested in Deseret, polygamous soul marriage (Melchizedek elite) and fellowship activities.

People don’t figure the loss until they test the waters against a Satanic bishop that will crack the whip on independent intelligence. The ability to analyze and reason in this pseudo faith is suppressed so people don’t figure out subtle identities such as the similarities between Moroni and Baphomet and Joseph Smith and Antoine Saint-Just, or that LDS elite are currently attempting to kite an image of George Hodel (c1927) as Joseph Smith with an open investigation on the former as the 1947 rendition perp of Elizabeth Short.


1761 5th Avenue
6 5 28 145535
2 687

Variant Numeric/Letter Encryption


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