Sherman Brown

SHERMAN BROWN was convicted in the 1 October 1969 rape of a woman and slaying of her 4 year old child via a knife assault. Brown has maintained his innocence since his conviction, his case currently subject to reconsideration based on DNA evidence which is exonerating him of this crime.

While CSI investigation is a very powerful tool in ferreting out the perps in such horrific crimes, there remains a test which can rapidly redirect to the actual perp when certain evidence is allowed to be entered into the forensics record.

In this case, run the numbers anchored on a constellation of occult dates. Like a slot machine, occult engineered rendition will produce some MAG artifact in repetition.

Sherman Brown’s alleged assault on this victim and her son produced five dated anchor points out of five tested in connection with the Mormon church, a serial 2 the prevalence of which are all LDS: Mountain Meadows, Satanic Fire Ritual, Brigham Young’s date of birth, Joseph Smith’s date of birth and the founding of the Mormon church.

So what does thus mean for Brown? This information suggests one of there possibilities: 1) this man was an expert occultist networked with Scottish Rite Freemason and LDS elite, 2) Brown had a deep state handler that set this up for him, and 3) he had nothing to do with this and was used as a patsy for the actual perp.


In reality, this information points to the 4 year old as the target of this slaying, such a macabre project engineered to perp a child sacrifice in the home under the parents care. Media’s attempt to make the child a secondary target is SL racketeering in human trafficking for torture.

Under the circumstances, the only way they could have pulled this off is the mother’s extramarital sexual liaison was a child, her embarrassment to acknowledge this the inversion of her protective powers and the opportunity for SL elite to initiate one of their budding child serial killers.

The alleged adult female victim never actually identified Brown as the perp, nor did she dismiss him. Her handler and neutrality in this slaying permitted the SL perps to manage this affair tightly wired to blaming and convicting Brown for a crime he had nothing to do with and recruited the parent against her own son in compliance with Genesis 3 radicalized.

Mom co-perped her own son, SL periodically reminding her of her culpability and to keep her mouth shut.

Sherman Brown Resources

Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project
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Forensic numerology case study analyzes the crime date and other such numeric data against a backdrop of anchor dates to identify any repeating information that would indicate involvement in racketeering and extortion.

Since there was a 4 year old victim, and relatively little injury to the adult, this crime presents as a child sacrifice, the toddler the actual target of this slaying. The numbers describe the perp.

This FNCS describes SL elite as the perp agency of this slaying, the numbers manifesting 322 (Skull and Bones) in repetition, 33 and 77, the latter also featured in the 2013 ritual human trafficking for torture of Sylvia Marie Flores, this event falsely documented by local county occult administrative cohort, Sheriff John McMahon, DA Mike Ramos and Mayor Carey Davis, as a crime of passion.

These crimes are perped two females per county per year, young children used in solidarity pledging silence via child sacrifice and worse, the latter magnifying the abduction numbers to well over half a million victims per century. FNCS picks this off rapidly but is not used in order for the perp agency to avoid detection the purpose of which is to maintain stealth among SL cohorts, which in thus case were Scottish Rite Freemason and LDS elite.


1 October 1969 (9)
274/91; 4/1

6 April 1969 (LDS founding)
> 1 October 1969
> 5m 25d (3)
> 178d 25w 3d (8)
> 83
> 2

19 April (SFR)
> 1 October
> 5m 12d (8)
> 165d 23w 4d (3)
> 83
> 2

11 September (911/Mountain Meadows)
> 1 October
> 20d
> 20d 2w 6d
> 3

1 June (Brigham Young DOB)
> 1 October
> 4m 0d (4)
> 122w 17w 3d (7)
> 47
> 2

23 December 1968 (Joseph Smith DOB)
> 1 October 1969
> 9m 9d (2)
> 282d 40w 2d (9)
> 29
> 2


William Wickham
22 October 1968
1 October 1969
> 11m 10d (3)
> 344d 49w 1d (7)
> 37
> 1

William Wickham
11 November 1968
> 1 October 1969
> 10m 20d (3)
> 324d 46w 2d (3)
> 33
> 6

> 7

Anacharsis Cloots

Anacharsis Cloots
24 June 1969
> 1 October 1969
> 3m 7d (1)
> 99d 14w 1d (6)
> 16
> 7

24 March
> 1 October
> 6m 8d (5)
> 191 27 2 (4)
> 54
> 9

> 7

77 is another expression for 13, or 23 February 303 CE, the date Diocletian commenced his eight tear surge in the Christian Church. 2/23= 322 backward, both used as dates to manufacture identification with both Freemason constant 27 and the 19 April 13 day Satanic Fire Ritual.

Wickham and Cloots invented the Mormon church during the French revolution, Cloots later guillotined as a domestic terrorist to prevent discovery on this project. Thomas Monson, like every LDS president before him, is an absolute METRIC psychopath.

Deep state organizations, Scottish Rite Freemasons and the Mormon church, are pirating entities and make exclusive use of hijack, reform and solidarity triptychs the consequence upon the public events such as Sherman Brown a state of the art Crypto dynamic where the actual perp may have also participated in his prosecution.

Sylvia Marie Flores perps manufactured the documentation that diverted the blame for this ritual slaying to a patsy. It’s the same type of crime, and a lack of outrage in the public confirms what these monsters believe to be correct about humanity: the mainstream is a prey species for the elite, and San Bernardino certainly bears this this out.

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