Scottish Rite/LDS (SL) Treachery

re What is your problem with the Mormon church? Don’t you think if they were doing all the stuff you accuse them of the police would stop them?

First, the most obvious way to begin to understand LDS corruption as an anti Christ magic show is to make a visual comparison between the Moroni statue that adorns every Mormon temple throughout the world and Baphomet. These are one and the same, LDS elite radically predisposed to homosexuality masquerading heterosexual, and they covet androgynous males (priesthood fraternity) and females (Relief Society sorority) alike.

Next, LDS elite control the police, DA and Mayor via their bifurcated administrative cohort, Scottish Rite Freemasons, every one of these in San Bernardino a human trafficking product of their stateside eugenics operations. Such a partnership was engineered to shield the former from either detection or prosecution for their crimes involving human trafficking for torture.

They also suppress community oversight, so these land pirates operate a thoroughly managed human trafficking syndicate in the backdrop of what is otherwise a pretty stupid public.

If you ever watched 1994 Stargate, there’s a scene in this movie where Col Jack O’Neil has an open shot at the alien responsible for enslavement of mankind (SKIRTS black mass) but is prevented from taking it by children who surround and protect him. Alien guards (police) then subdue O’Neil and toss him in a gulag with other members if his reconnaissance team.

Figure rank and file Mormons are the children in this scene, any LDS president the alien. This is how LDS elite operate. They are evil as hell all the while surrounding themselves with child-minded RF LDS who have no clue about their exploitation and absolutely no ambition to understand this. LDS do not matriculate people who think into their organization.

Regarding your question re police:

Police organizations do the same thing. There wasn’t an honest cop in San Bernardino at the time of the Flores slaying, the placement of her body in an occult SLC that networked this horrific crime with the Redlands temple and Melchizedek Finchy School in Palm Springs.

Police recruitment profiles scum for hiring during the interview process the same way Freemason elite identify and recruit, and even breed, their anti Christ leadership, an example of which is Mayor Carey Davis.

This researcher possess a written encrypted wet works death threat from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Internal Affairs that is currently sitting on DA Mike Ramos’ desk being ignored, because he, too, is a part of the corruption.

Back to Stargate, the alien guard is both police and military and a willingly subordinate to alien authority the consequence for task failure a torturous death, which in the case of local police is the death of one of their own by example, and there are lots of examples.

Police training includes cursory forensics the double bind of which pancakes their intelligence when one goes down during a training event or on patrol, and not one of them covers this with a forensic. Had San Bernardino PD or sheriff followed through on correctly perceiving Demeulle’s 1986 death and telegraphed this to the public, Redlands never would have lost Corinna Novis, this deputies SL engineered retention sacrifice, which by the way doubled as Sheriff John McMahon’s initiation.

Last, My problem is not singularly with the predatory human trafficking for torture Mormon elite but dually with LDS bifurcated engagement with criminal racketeering cohort, Scottish Rite Freemasons. These two are fraternally linked to French Revolution Illuminati spy, William Wickham, and team Anacharsis Cloots et al, in one of the most prolific Genesis 6:2 breeding campaigns on the planet, cattle not excluded.

A public identified with insouciance and lack of ordinary care make all of this possible, which is not to be misunderstood with people’s natural winningness to be exploited. What is happening is people having acculturated a lifestyle, they have simultaneously released the ability to think placing them behind a Judas goat administration that is fleecing them of their human dignity the point of which is their economic and political enslavement to ideologues.

The “stuff” Mormon elite are being accused of are constitutional domestic terrorism crimes the consequence for ignoring this the annual celebration of the Satanic Fire Ritual – upon which this anti Christ organization was founded – at the public’s expense. This is where SB227 came from, Scottish Rite Freemasons eager to press child sacrifice into the mainstream masquerading noble cause vaccinations that in reality kill 6:1000 infants vaccinated and is medically assisted child sacrifice.

There are two operating systems these demons use to coerce public acculturation to these macabre circumstances: 1) corrupt to control, which is how they install leadership, and 2) divide and conquer, their community radical activism operation that is perpetrated by SABRA linked Shin Bet cells throughout US.

THIS in the Mormon church, my invitation to take this up personally with Thomas Monson proof at my end that I can argue with this devil on the issue of human trafficking over his involvement in the abductions of Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner, my having brought this up the reason the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department issued their recent wet works death threat…

… You stupid son of a bitch.

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