Extrajudicial Execution/Curbside Sumary Judgement

re You sound paranoid.

Hardly. Illuminated leadership is notoriously lacking in enlightenment in the venue of radical government the point of which is collapse of the moral status quo and rule of law.

They reconstruct intelligence as arrested development, and police are a good example of this. Take for example feelings of fear threat assessment.

Fear based threat assessment is a deconstruction of one’s ability to perceive reality and apply reason to law enforcement the reconstruction of which manifests in Illuminati perversion of intelligence.

The macabre fun of this is what is likely to happen when someone being detained and investigated argues with a madman bearing badge and gun.

I encountered such a pervert at Turner’s Sporting Goods one day who turned his children lose on patrons, this demon’s disposition to confront anyone who objected to bring touched by these Illuminati in training junior gargoyles.

This is why they closed Sports Chalet, Mayor Carey Davis’ grandson having sexually harassed my handicapped daughter in the ski department several months prior. I complained and made a public issue with this. They closed the business not only locally, but nationally.

Davis’ Illuminati  shield retaliated on the business typical of collective Punishment. They did the same thing to Napa Auto Parts in Redlands are slowly collapsing Wells Fargo for the same reason.

Paranoid is a mental health issue. I do not have a mental health problem. The use of this word among radical liberals is an attempt to trigger the public’s fear of information that identifies city/county leadership with fraternal motivated racketeering and fraud directed at sabotaging the rule of law, the public be damned.

We received a written wet works response from San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Internal Affairs that was forwarded to DA Mike Ramos that will eventually present on Mayor Davis the record of which will likewise be available to California DOJ. I wonder if he’ll close the sheriff’s department as a form of collective punishment?

What they are practiced in doing is the extrajudicial execution in which the police officer is vindicated but what occult engineered project pays damages to the victim’s surviving relatives. This is premeditated murder and a form of human trafficking for torture, but the insouciant public transfixed on the knobby feces covered phallus of Jeff Epstein, Mr. Dingle, will never connect the dots.

Summary judgement is a statist mechanism for retaliation and control the prevalence of which in San Bernardino County is prolific.




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