SKIRTS and the Inevitable Consequence of Pathological Stupidity

Imagine being intentionally conceived via SKIRTS, under circumstances so horrific a mother would suicide if she could, and is subsequently sacrificed at birth. The fetus is handed off to a midwife then surrogate and raised under an assumed identity. Since the child is black mass, he’s believed to be soulless, which he’s not really, but this build’s mystique and complexity in the production.

At some point in the future this child, now an adult, is informed about his trauma birth and who his mother was which contravenes everything he’s been taught about morality and such, that to disclose this to the public he will lose everything his SL/Satanic sponsors provided. The example given is Jimmy Fallon whose father was HB Lee and Bill Clinton whose mother was Constanze Manzairly.

We have an ONA cohort here in Redlands that was initiated on the remote 1947 ritual slaying of Elizabeth Short and presided over by Joseph F. Smith what Illuminated cohorts were Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Wells, Earnest Hemingway and then local administrative alpha, George Hodel, all shielded by Scottish Rite administration, Hodel currently being kited as Joseph Smith in LDS Archives.

Redlands has a 2.7 mile geocartographic of the ONA logo. It’s like a death compass, those who are sacrificed by elite Scottish Rite Freemasons and LDS identified with this thing via ley lines used in it’s construction.

Cheri Jo Bates, Don Demeulle, Corinna Novice, Sylvia Marie Flores, the black Madonna, they are all featured in the construction of this Satanic nightmare the local culture of which totally oblivious to it. People flee this information like they would the plague. They have a “Jesus saves” mentality, and no matter who you talk to, they don’t believe it, it doesn’t make sense, leadership would never do this. If it’s real, let Jesus handle it. God BLESS America!

This is an arrested state of development, local elite very much the example of the state of mind of Illuminati ideologue utopians and schemers, the public alternatively predisposed to being disengaged or lacking responsibility for throwing them off. Good lord, Common Core will be the undoing of intelligence in education, again, people here of the opinion Redlands Unified would never do such a thing too their children. Since when does Baphomet care about children? You can’t fix stupid!

“Magick”= political coercion, the magician, or Rex, held in high esteem for this person’s preeminence as an absolute sociopath only, and not because s/he possess the ability to walk through walls, but because they are so motivated to do terrible things to people to get to their coveted inner circle of occult preeminence typical of predators.

We have several of these in San Bernardino, three of whom are Sheriff John McMahon whose Illuminati code name is “Honchoman 2”, DA Mike Ramos and black mass product of 1951 abduction victim Beverly Potts and David O. McKay, Mayor R. Carey Davis. The public on this? As Paul Craig Roberts so adeptly puts it, Americans are beyond insouciant. What he is saying is Americans are beyond help, and they have put themselves there in a pathological funk with denial.

I have as much an aversion to extortion, racketeering and fraud as a sadistic psychopath has a desire to torturing animals, blowing people up, or sitting in some corner of their home masturbating watching one’s wife screw the neighbor’s husband. People like me have little value in the mainstream where people are automatic on their insouciant disposition to dismiss these demons out of mind knowing what they do and doing nothing to stop them.

So, Redlands has it’s little shops and Bistros, a country-esque home town feel and a reputation as one of San Bernardino’s oldest and most respected communities, and Illuminati sociopaths who rule here their annual SKIRTS renditions for breeding these elite devils.

Illuminati can rationally say they are giving the public what it wants, because no one is lifting a finger to stop them. The correct idea is agreement by default.

They also telegraph encrypted what they are doing so that later there is no misunderstanding that the public was not informed such as is the case of the statue of Moroni that was placed atop the Redlands temple and San Bernardino’s Victor Valley walking talking scale replicax of the knobby feces covered phallus of Jeff Epstein, Mr. Dingle.

The public will never come to an understanding about their daily viewing of the variation on the theme of Baphomet at the intersection of 5th and Wabash what response to this information was demonstrated recently by a local adult resident who broke out in giggling and laughter when being informed about this that Moroni= the former.

Beyond the pseudo security of the state, and completely out of touch with reality, SKIRTS black mass is the inevitable consequence of self-willing stupidity, predators like Honchoman 2 ready to triangulate (owl), stalk (snake) or ambush (lion) the disappearance of loved ones at a population rate of two per year disquised as domestic kidnappings. In Hell, yes. In A cicilized society, this is fiscouraged by the rule of law.

This may come as a shock to the simple minded public, but Illuminati statists do not follow the rule of law. SURPRISE, dumbfuks!

The purpose of such macabre is resourcing solidarity pledging and SKIRTS black mass in full view of the public (Moroni/Baphomet) shielded from accountability by Scottish Rite and LDS elite more commonly understood to be Illuminati, or locally the Order of the Nine Angels and SABRA Lodge 13.

You can inform people the that Lewis Carrol was Jack the Ripper, his black mass son via Mary Ann Nichols TE Lawrence, that the Zodiac was Bertram Feinstein, that Pete Wilson was the alpha on Polly Klass, Cheri Jo Bates DNA used to clone two persons of renown, and people will fade from the conversation in laughter as though they are being entertained, which in the macabre theater of the Illuminati: they are, and they are LOVIN’ it in a denial funk with this devil.


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