DEMOCRACY: the catalyst for transition from chaos to dictatorship

Democracy is not a political system. It is a catalyst for transition from manufactured chaos to a dictatorship the next step of which will be the disposal of many who oppose Scottish Rite and LDS preeminence.

The government of the global elite is troika statism shielded by Sabbatai Zevi inspired Jacobin radical propaganda the brainchild of which is the Fabian Society, all of which contravene a constitutional republic.

Macabre as this may seem to the uninitiated, this devil system is resourced by hybrid eugenics leadership breeding masquerading noble faith Mormon church and it’s Baphomet effigy, Moroni. The Mormon church is an insanely contrived system of fraud and felony corruption unequaled in religion internationally.

Such a Godless system is held together by inflationary/deflationary fiat economics controlled entirely by a foreign central bank the power of which is the ability to suppress population via Wall Street, the coropration the mechanism of radiation throughout domestic infrastructure.

The leadership in this dystopia has been hijacked and reformed from ethical to a brutally morally arrested degenerate, Americans falsely believing they are going to corect this by voting for a POTUS that is selected by an electoral college over which there is no ethical or legal oversight.

You are looking at a very simple four point statist agenda for the deconstruction of the Constitution and Bill of Rights the reconstruction of which will be an oligarch dictatorship to replace them.

The Rex flagship in the US is Skull and Bones; Americans are aware of this but doing nothing to stop it. NOTHING.

So, what does this look like in San Bernardino?

RADICAL PROPAGANDA  2 December 2015 was terrorist drill billed as reality to the local public (radical activism).

HYBRID LEADERSHIP  San Bernardino Mayor Carey R. Davis is the black mass son of 1951 abduction victim, Beverly Potts, and then LDS president David O. McKay.

INFLATION/DEFLATION FIAT ECON Federal Reserve central banking; an offer of money by the federal govermnent to host an agitprop gun control campaign the acceptance of which conforms the 9th and 10th amendments to a federal plan locally.

MORALLY ARRESTED LEADERSHIP  Iluminized Zionist frat club, Scottish Rite Freemasons and subordinating Lodges and organizations that control local business, education, medicine, police ANAI the primary example of which is the engineered economic collapse of this county the rebuilding of which includes installing a League of California Cities (CLOC) statist operating system.

The typical Illuminati stooge is a morally corrupted individual, the worst of these the likes of ONA/SABRA Lodge 13 cohort, Sheriff John McMahon and his streetside prostitute slaying wet works assassins.


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