LDS Brotherhood of Baphomet

God conscience is one’s awareness of morality and the consequence of ignorance when dealing with predators.

The Bible attempts to equip the public with beliefs and values to ready the mind for such circumstances, and it lays out a construct of rules to follow to empower people to unify their resiliance, but people don’t want this. People want exotic food, indiscriminant sex and degenerate entertainment.

Aggrandizing obsessive appetites is neophyte indoctrination, or the first level of the Illuminati inner circles. LDS claim they don’t do this, which is a lie: Deseret, polygamous soul marriage, Mormon entertainment industries, all of which are delusional neophyte “haa pee ness” baits.

Over the threshold with a grip on any of this, people are greeted by Minerva (inversion of faith), then Astarte (temple marriages and polygamous soul marriage to children). Beyond this, LDS elite perp Genesis 6:2 radicalized and solidarity pledge child and human sacrifice, their mechanism for the latter SKIRTS Rendition resourced by  Intel and Jacobin propaganda cohort, SABRA Lodge 13.

The fall of man is not a myth, hence Baphomet’s seated posture flanked left and right by children being indoctrinated, the height to which they were endowed on Baphomet’s right, the depth of their fail on this transgener’s left.

Moroni similarly poised issues the same alert, the potential for God conscience on the right, on the left the clenched fist of brutality (directed at females), Moroni himself lacking male genitalia.

Stupid people wonder, “What kind of God do they have in mind for the NWO?” The evidence for this is the one they are using to substitute for JESUS, the LDS Moroni, or Baphomet.


Remember, this is THEIR literature, so there can be no mistake or misunderstanding about what the reader is about to see.

12 words:



The significance of 12 words in this little collection of occult macabre is base nine additive sum 3, or COBRA (see notes).

Now go ahead and lie to yourself and believe what you are looking at isn’t true.

LDS are brotherhood of Baphomet, a manifestation of Brotherhood of the Snake, their membership inducted into an immense organization engineered to penetrate and collapse manstream Protestant Christianiy masquerading noble faith the substitution of which produces a highly rationalized and perverted mind.


COBRA> 36291> 354> 12> 3

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