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You have to be politically correct to post information about the Mormon church on this website, which means RfM is masquerading self-help noble cause the back drop of which is LDS analysis of arrituon.

RfM uses numerically encrypted website provocateurs to harass info posts and will censor open forum discussion about where this church actually came from.The Mormon church is a French Revolution era front organization for hybrid eugenics SKIRTS breeding of Illuminati leadership an example of which is San Bernardino Mayor R. Carey Davis. Davis is the black mass son of former LDS president David O. McKay and 1951 abduction victim, Beverly Potts.

The following information was censored from the RfM blog the morning of 29 October 2016.


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Posted by: coastx
Date: 10/29/2016 03:11AM,1898884

Much as even folks in recovery from this organization may fight this information, the obvious needs to be pointed out: 1) Moroni= Baphomet, and 2) LDS= L/square, D/compass and S/cobra snake.

While you can let your imagination run wild in argument, the point being made is the Mormon church is a Jacobin/Cordeliers (Kensington Palace) project in perpetuity and as much a part of this organization’s malingering with democracy as Satan mixed with Eve.

For those who lack the imagination to figure this out, compare side by side the images of Moroni and Baphomet, right arm up, left down, and the absence of male genitalia on the former.

The letter encryption is state of the art telegraph and the manner in which LDS elite communicate what they are actually doing to the public and the members of their church.

Embedded also in the logo THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS is the name Anacharsis Cloots giving emphasis to the idea that this religion was a French Revolution Jacobin/Cordelier/Kensington manufactured project the point of which has been attempt to penetrate and collapse Protestant Christianity in the US.

The Mormon church is an Illuminati organization, and their elite perpetrate felony abduction crimes and domestic terrorism against any public in which they construct their temples via routine kidnapping for torture.

Also, LDS elite privately regard William Wickham for his contributions to the creation of this monster religion.

Like it or not, the LDS is a front organization for hybrid eugenics, the constitution be damned, the public be damned and their rendition victims be damned.

For the record, Louis Antoine Léon de Saint-Just was the poster boy for Joseph Smith, Mormon archives now kiting a 1927 photoshopped image of George Hodel as Smith. Hodel remains the prime suspect in the ritual slaying of Elizabeth Short in connection with Kensington Palace.

Co founder Brigham Young was in no way the frontiersman LDS elite have made him out to be but was in fact an Illuminated Freemason kingpin networked with Spain, France and England, and he was the local Rex for institutionalization of the Mormon church in the US, his signature project in this mission the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

Re: LDS Logo
Posted by: coastx
Date: 10/29/2016 12:48PM

cricket, The Dude, sunbeep… Quoting from a Jacobin round table meeting during which William Wickham inevented the words Lamanite, Nephite and Mulekite, which are all actually variations on OTHER words layman (an ordinary person), Nephite (first inner circle of Illuminati membership) and mule kite (LDS Genesis 6:2 SKIRTS hybrids).

Gentlemen, or whatever, your contribution is an invaluable resource to the recovery and reeducation of the Lamanites!


Information that can link the Mormon church to the French Revolution is dangerous to this organization, because of the nature of radical propaganda the Jacobins manifest in France between 1789-94, the prevalence of which made it’s debut in the US via the 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre the catalyst of which was Illuminati Scottish Rite Freemasons, this event typical of the deconstruction of moral society via domestic terrorism.

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