The question came up how Jeff Epstein and Bill Clinton are involved in the 2013 kidnapping and slaying of Sylvia Marie Flores when San Bernardino Sheriff John McMahon, DA Mike Ramos and black mass Mayor R. Carey Potts-Davis have written this off as a crime of passion.

The simple answer is these statist occult perps investigated and manufactured documentation on one of their own crimes. The complicated answer is how they telegraphed what they did to the public using, for lack of a more comprehensible term, a numeric SAB encryption code which in prevoius missives has been referred to as base nine triptych encryption.

Jeff Epstein was in Redlands 11 September 2012 allegedly on business with a Redlands theatre organization. Occult numeric code uses anchor dates (constant) to perp their solidarity crimes. In this case, the anchor date is 25 February 2013, the date Sylvia Marie Flores was alleged to have been abducted in San Bernardino.

Calculating the period between 11 September 2012 and 25 February 2013 produces the time period 5 months 14 days, or base nine additive sum 1. 1 extrapolates 19 in base nine numeration.

16 January 2013 Bill Clinton was hosted by LDS Melchizedek Arlan Anderson at Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs. While this activity had the appearance of promoting health, Anderson was in fact showcasing a small cohort of females, this group paraded to Clinton via a dance routine more than likely staging some engineered future kidnapping.

Human trafficking is what San Bernardino was designed for. Clinton’s 16 January presence at Finchy, same as Epstein, anchored on 25 February, produces the time period 1 month 9 days, these numbers matched to Epstein’s 11 September appearance in Redlands calculated on the same anchor date. What this is conveying to the public is they were here for the same purpose, hence the title of this narrative, 19/19.

19 is a sacred number to Scottish Rite and LDS elite, 19 April the first day of the 13 day Satanic Fire Ritual, 13 also the encryption for the date 23 February 303 CE. The Mormon church was founded on the 19 April Satanic Fire Ritual, the date 6 April 1830 a 13 day counting prompt. 6 April 1830= 64183= 13 (base nine). Count forward 13 days from 6 April= 19 April.

Human trafficking for torture is mystified in the public as empowering such practitioners with the ability to walk through walls. People tend to default simple minded when confronted with complex or conflicting information making a triptych predator prevail upon a target.

In reality, occult human trafficking resources solidarity pledging the point of which is the commission of a heinous crime to make oneself vulnerable to gain more power within a given occult organization, a process of manufacturing helplessness in the mind of the inductee to be able to control this individual’s behavior favorable to organized racketeering, fraud and extortion.

Since Epstein and Clinton are already well within the elite inner circle of preemjnent Illuminated Order of the Nine Angels, Anderson would be the solidarity pledge in the Flores ritual slaying frame bridging to yet another future victim in Anderson’s dance cohort.

In other words, Arlan Anderson, an androgenous sort of fellow, is making a sacrifice of a child, one of his students, to Moloch… in the future, the only possible way he could pull this off with staff collaboration the typevof which are best described as conscience zombies.

An FNCS case study on these children will identify who this is, the target, believe it or not, to be handled into admission at University of Redlands eleven years hence, the correct idea being to provide President Ralph Kuncl with an Eve breeder to commemorate his occult ascention, in this researcher’s opinion.

Like DA Mike Ramos, Kuncl posesses a cosmic  resume, such a record competitive with his alleged involvement in occult featured human trafficking for torture.

Rethink Mountain Meadows as a 27 year project rather than the overnight version of this story propagandized as a mistake and misunderstanding by LDS apologists and you have the correct idea.

Scottish Rite/LDS targets are wonder works (same as wet works) projects that can travese a three decade timeline, the more precision the abduction, the greater the skill of the rendition perp.

The fact is human trafficking such as is being described here and paedophilia are solidarity staples for corrupt elite what involvement in fraternal organizations is strengthened by one’s willingness to perp heinous crimes to aggrandize frat preeminence, and this too is San Bernardino County.

Per frat identified occult protocol, every one of  these monsters is portraying themselves to be civilized on some Judeo-Christian value system far removed from the devil, this noble faith masquerade one of the most enduring  treacheries known to man: the lie.

The naive San Bernardino public willing to host County’s Satanic predation is correctly understood to be a culture of victim psychopaths and thus endeared to their perps in the same manner sheep capitulate to wolves.

Flores was targeted for her kidnap rendition well before her 25 February 2013 disappearance, the 19/19 telegraph on this victim one of many occult artifacts Shin Bet controlled administrators would have no part of in making official record of.

Not only would this counter document this county’s manufactured narrative, but also this information throws a forensic net over the period 2012-13 capturing Ralph Kuncl’s 20 February 2013 inauguration as the University of Redlands 11th president.

Run the 2012 numbers on Kuncl and this macabre storybook created in hell begins to thicken with pages of details that read like some lunatic’s fairytale what plot and characrers are typical of a cohort of radicalized ONA/SABRA Lodge 13 statists.

The noble cause masquerade services the need for stealth, the backdrop of occult process in solidarity pledging racketeering and fraud via human sacrifice the mechanism for corruption, all one can do as an outlier state as loudly as possible to this dip shit public, “WOLVES,” and turn the hell hounds loose.

Regarding the question how Jeff Epstein and Bill Clinton remain involved in the 2013 ritual kidnapping and slaying of Sylvia Marie Flores, it will eventually occur to a more principled administration and public that both of these monsters and their assets are in reality one of the most productive human trafficking cohorts on the planet.

In the meanwhile, folks in this dystopic herd are LOVIN’ it!

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