Trevor Montgomery

2 November 2016


This journalist lies.

In the comments section of his 1 April 2016 article the title of which appears above, Trevor Montgomery says, “I strongly believe in freedom of speech and I post all comments.” The missing comma is a cascading skill alert.

Trevor Montgomery reveled in the responses he got from readers who enjoyed the hoax, others who did not like it were mocked and this commenter’s remarks were censored, and I imagine there were others.

Needless to say, regardless of the appearance of this having been the product an April fool’s joke, it was more hijinks than the former, the implications of which are occult predictive programming for the mindless audience of the Inland Empire.


I guess people in the “high” places of journalism connected to such Jacobin Freemason notables as Hemet Chief of Police, David Brown, and Riverside County Sheriff Stanley Sniff, Jr., are above morality and ethics, or maybe identification with these publicly elected Gods of law makes Montgomery one of them? How possible?

Well now then… choose the level of occult competence: induction, vocation or preeminence. He’s reaching up to Brown and Sniff, so he’s not preeminent, and he’s taking license to pull off a journo hoax the equivalent of which in popular sadistic propaganda projects competes with Elizabeth Short, Cheri Jo Bates, Laurie Lynn Partridge, Corinna Novis, Natalee Holloway, Robyn Gardner and Sylvia Marie Flores; not induction.

Mr. Montgomery appears to be vocational! What this means is, if correct, this anti-genius journalist may be advising on detailed narration of official records manufactured by Illuminated law enforcement to cover some of their solidarity and human trafficking for torture wet works rendition projects, his 1 April hijinks a public demonstration of journo prowess w/agitprop propaganda; this is what “Updated…” appears to be.

Neil Radimaker made an interesting point re timeline what glitch in the narrative was pointing to faulty writing, or this was intentional to test public gullibility in the clown-like pretense of Crypto double bind. Are David Brown and Stanley Sniff, Jr. being made to look like clowns, too? Kinda looks this way, in this researcher’s opinion.

This population is fucked as far as possessing any sense of morality, a reliance on corrupt news agencies and their equally affected writers perping masturbatory repetitions of LOL to an audience that is LOVIN’ it!

Revisiting Neil Radimaker, his perception can be further explored here:

ryan field
9715 69534
19 (19 April Satanic Fire Ritual/SFR)

march afb
13 (23 February 303 CE)

march afb
31938 162
1 (see below)

march air force base
41938 199 66935 2115
13 (1+ 13= 113, or non leap year SFR)

5 (113, or non leap year SFR)

It makes sense Crypto would take control of an AFB, this an opportunity to advance mechanical avian technology to some application of human trafficking for torture, hence Daedalian, the root meaning of which is deception of one sort or another. Linked to Scittish Rite Fremason and LDS elite, the possibilities are endless. Bye bye if one these mind fucks wants your child!

Airfields, because Daedalians are an inexorable function of human trafficking for torture throughout the US. Montgomery knows this, his seemingly macabre sense of humor a frat celebration of sadoperversion, or he’s just another dumbfuck journo happy face with the brain the size of a peanut and too stupid to do authentic writing.

Unless the rendition victim is a wet works target, Daedalians fly them out, transport assets between abduction and the flight departure location, police vehicles. This is the hail to Brown and Sniffs. They are lining up on a target, journo in the role of predictive programing so the public was alerted and had the opportunity to respond, typical.

The public is here> LOL Kewl OMG LMAO and does not speak, nor does it understand, the numeric language of Daedalian.

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