STATER BROTHERS/Store #18, Redlands, California

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Giving consideration to Regional Stater Brothers Rep, Don, mobile (909) 792-3900, who directed me to do whatever I had do that was right for me, this is my response:

Shoppers beware! Stater Brothers is staging stealthy rendition activities in full view of the public with absolutely no regard for civil code.

1) 28 October 2016 Stater Brothers personnel baited theatrical conflict in the parking lot using an agitprop provocateur drawing their customers into a moral dilemma con.

2) 3 November Stater Brothers personnel waited for any one of these customers to show up, theatrical engagement used to harass the shopper, a guard performing the task of alerting store personnel to target victims for double bind harassment.

3) Store personnel radicalized harassment to involvement of a handicapped adult who was not originally involved in the con and was unable to respond to these circumstances.

What you are reading is sophisticated gang rendition agenda on targeted individuals the point of which is Stater Brothers personnel appear to be staging a kidnap that their involvement in will go unnoticed. This project is being worked both in the parking lot and neighborhood area around the store.

One female clerk has described being stalked by an unknown adult male this researcher believes is Stater Brothers felon rendition asset.

3 November 2016 a complaint was filed with the Stater Brothers local regional office describing how personnel is conducting these activities during the course of their work identifying by name who is involved in this.

4 November 2016 the Stater Brothers representative with whom I spoke challenged me stating, “You do whatever you have to do,” and terminated our conversation. My impression was this person was aware of these circumstances and was radicalizing the complaint.

The correct idea is Stater Brothers appears to have structured this to also perpetuate harassment on whomever might respond to this with a complaint.

Just so people who are reading this understand, there is military precision on these activities the denial of which begs a public alert. Whoever is doing this is highly organized.


The dates of these activities, 28 October and 3 November, are numerically identified with the 19 April Satanic Fire Ritual producing the numeric sequence 13, 113 and 1113, or 6.

6 confirms the leap year Satanic Fire Ritual the importance of which is this theatrical stunt is being practiced for use in some victim they have already targeted for kidnapping/human trafficking.

While this can not yet be linked to Mormon activity, it behooves people to be aware the statue of Moroni that stands atop the Redlands temple is actually an effigy of Baphomet, the difficulty people have making this connection one of seduction of the conscience.

Moroni looks human but is not. Note the position of the arms and lack of male genitalia, whuch is Baphomet masquerading noble faith. LDS elite are notorious abduction perps and are identified with Watchtower and Lutheran rendition assets which this researcher suspects is linked to the Stater Brothers employees who are involved in this.

Whatever the circumstances, Stater Brothers is reading like a boot camp for triptych rendition activities the point of which is certain employees learning the craft of pirating in human trafficking the prevalence of which manifests on their prey via con, double bind and radical activism.


CRYPTO traditionally means secret or covert. For the purposes of this document, this word is used to describe  any inauthentic or pretentious motivation or behavior designed to intentionally mislead or or defraud the public in advertising, business and commerce generally. This researcher believes Stater Brothers Grocery Stores to be a Crypyo business entity. 5NOV2016

PMP child alleged. Copy to SBCSD Public Affairs 6 November 2016.


Mentone/4NOV201 0940-1134
13/27; 13/27/13

SFR Anchor

19 April Satanic Fire Ritual
> 6 November
> 6 months 7 days
> 201 days 28 weeks 5days
> 67201285
> 13 Diocletian

Confirms SBCDS local/residential asset management on SKIRTS human trafficking collaborated with Stater Brothers and willingness to tap public funds to campaign retaliation on community documentarian whistle blowers. This is McMahon doing a Shin Bet/Baphomet public mind fuck. 6NOV2016


1 Organization.

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