Human Trafficking: IHSS/APS San Bernardino County, a Devil’s Paradise


Such a complaint alleging IHSS/APS collaborated human trafficking in San Bernardino will never find it’s way past the Freemason/LDS criminal network that controls this county.

Population is too dense to realize the consequence of doing stupid for this bifurcated predator and street felons too great in numbers not resourse these projects for the low pay and risk involved.


Human trafficking is the trade of humans, most commonly for sex, labor or other exploitation.

In education in San Bernardino, Regional Center will manufacture an IQ score on a targeted student to make this individual eligible for SSI, placement is specially funded classrooms and of course eligible for Regional Center services.

Occult process free of intanglement with oversight, the possibilities are endless for a predator administration that masquerades rule of law the backdrop of which has been stealth deep state pirating of local human resources and domestic terrorism unchecked by local oversight.

Fraud education assesment is a form of slavery, the victims in this mileu as unable throw off their predators as those who are used for sex.

Considering this county is sponsoring a walking talking scale replica of the feces covered phallus of Jeff Epstein that regularly visits elementary school classrooms, it appears the community has thus acculturated public education.

Such corrupt administrations are inspired by Scottish Rite Freemason and LDS elite what involvement in human trafficking is for solidarity purposes only, mystification of this horrific crime propagandized in order to throw off the public.

Why would San Bernardino be involved in such felonious activities, and to what degree does this administration practice human trafficking in the wost case examples of sex and torture?

Answers to these two questions are discussed below, albeit bear in mind the fact that this information has made it to a public forum in no way means there will ever be accountability on this, because the people who are supposed to be preventing this are the perps.

Victim families are too overwhelmed by their losses and regard forensic discussions intrusive upon them personally. Private investigative hacks want to dig at the problem. Families of victims want closure. This is a devil’s paradise.

To warm you up, imagine your neighbor’s three year old has disappeared and was last seen .25 mikes from her home, then .50 miles, then .75 mikes on intervals of 30, 60 and 90 minutes.

This child’s movement over this short time interval traversed three points that TDC between endpoints is a Mormon temple, but the temple isn’t considered in these circumstances.

If you have any skill in drawing, you notice the three points form a straight line cartographic, a prompt that if you extend this another 13 miles it intercepts yet another Mormon property the bishops of which are CPAs.

Too complicated? We’ll revisit this scenario in a moment. Meanwhile let’s take a closer look at what’s going on with Sheriff John McMahon, DA Mike Ramos and Mayor Carey Davis in this monster zoo.


San Bernardino County uses witchcraft to stage human trafficking of IHSS clients and their resources.


4-20 June 2014 (Mercury Retrograde) IHSS/APS collaborated a human trafficking coup using a residential felon asset to provoke a noise dosing crisis subsequently using the behavioral fallout to manufacture a complaint of adult abuse to remove of my then 21 year old handicapped daughter from her home, county immediately redirecting to regional center and threatening a group home placement alternative to remaining with me, her state funded care provider father.


I am a retired educator with a Master’s degree, formerly R2M and specialist credentials and NCLB/ELD certifications, and these assholes used a felon to erase all of this, take my handicapped daughter, and turn her over to other felons typical of a Freemason HRS coup on a public whistleblower.

San Bernardino County backed off and changed the complaint narrative upon receiving a written counter complaint from me describing this as a Freemason project but left the asset in place to generate subsequent complaints opportunistic for sustained conflict with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department via use of the Freemason reform triptych which attempts to criminalize the victim.

The county linked residential felon perp self-identified as a Jehovah’s Witness failed to provide effective service on a due bill assignment subsequently leveling deaths threats which the sheriff dismissed as a mistake and misunderstanding.


San Bernardino County is retaliating on my research documenting Thomas Monson’s involvement in the LDS SKIRTS kidnappings of Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner, sheriff department asset involvement in the 2013 kidnapping and slaying of 23 year old prostitute, Sylvia Marie Flores, and that Mayor Carey Davis is the Black Mass son of 1951 abduction victim, Beverly Potts, and David O. McKay.

Scottish Rite Freemasons and the Mormon church control San Bernardino county and are jointly responsible for routing kidnappings and slayings using snuff felon assets they control with handlers networked street side that have worked with such notorious serial killers as Suff, Bland, Davis, Marlow and Duncan III.

Current examples would be children placed in county care homes with an unprecedented death fall in custody what perps are masquerading various community outreach projects to propagandize public opinion favorable to rendition organizations.

The LDS standard, as it were, is the thirteen foot statue of Moroni atop the Redlands LDS temple, a Baphomet effigy, Baphomet also encrypted in the LDS standard works (Holy Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price, in that order). Mormon elite are currently reorganizing this literature to hide this information from the public.

The LDS logo “The Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints” is encrypted with the names Anacharsis Cloots and Saint-Just, partly because this noble faith creep show was manufactured during the French Revolution, and also because Brigham Young (1 June 1801) and Joseph Smith (23 December 1805) may in fact be the black mass sons of Cloots and Saint-Just, respectively.

Joseph Smith is a ringer for Saint Just. Cloots and Saint-Just were guillotined 1794, seven years before the alleged birth of Young and a decade before the alleged birth of Smith.

The importance of understanding this no one can place either of these individuals documented with a family in the US before their appearance sometime after 1810. By this time Young would have been 15, Smith 20, making the latter 54 at the time of his death.

LDS elite are currently kiting an image of George Hodel (c 1927) as an original photograph of Joseph Smith. Hodel remains the prime suspect in the macabre slaying of Elizabeth Short.

Contrary to his portrayal as a frontiersman, Brigham Young was actually an Illuminated Scottish Rite Freemason and networked with England, Spain and France.


What the reader is looking at is LDS is doing human hybrid breeding and eugenics in the backdrop of this organization’s noble faith masquerade.

County is using public resources to attack anyone who has knowledge about this or possess the intelligence to blow the whistle. Lesser organizations involved in this are Jehovahs Witness, Lutheran and B’nai B’rith administrations that resource felon street-side assets.

For the record, this researcher has documented Deputy Don Demeulle’s 1986 death as a ritual sacrifice, Corinna Novice 99 days later a retention sacrifice, assets in the former networked within the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department, the latter asset resourced via B’nai B’rith.

San Bernardino doesn’t have objective oversight on institutional occult crimes, for obvious reasons.

People falsely believe that because San Bernardino DA Mike Ramos has surrounded himself with organizations to prevent this he’s one the good guys.

Ramos is a Scottish Rite Freemason. These don’t follow the rule of law but are agenda driven on human hybrid eugenics, economic manipulation and solidarity pledging like-minded scoundrels.

This creepy androgynous DA is a felon scoundrel masquerading noble leadership typical of Freemason recruitment that criminalizes the status quo. Blow the whistle on this creep, and he’ll put rendition assets on your ass.

There’s no valid complaint or oversight committee to look more closely at these affairs. If the Sheriff’s department dismisses any given complaint, this locks out further investigation, the perps themselves in control of the determination to deny any such allegations, which is an internally racketeered justice system.

Of course this works great for leadership elite who, if any one of these takes an interest in a victim can use the system to shield himself from accountability.

Just grab a 23 year old prostitute of one’s liking, sacrifice her in some obscene LDS solidarity sex ritual, toss her remains under an orange tree, and walk off willy nilly ISO another victim. All hail Baphomet Moroni!

Ramos is a sociopath, but does this matter if the mayor himself is the product of the torture and rape of a three years held captive Beverly Potts by then LDS president, David O. McKay?

The sheriff’s department is the sole determiner of the validity of a complaint of human trafficking. If the department itself is involved in this heinous crime and can control the investigation, where’s the Justice system effecting control on the perp?

In my case, McMahon responded to a complaint to Internal Affairs with an encrypted wet works death threat. There’s no fear in this demon, because Scottish Rite Freemasons never abandon a brother, and they eliminate those who show trepidation. Let’s take Jerry JeeBs Brown for example.

Governor Brown’s vaccination mandate followed my written request for him to resign due to conflict of interest in his involvement in solidarity pledging child sacrifice, which is human trafficking. SB227 subsequently mandates medically assisted child sacrifice, because infant vaccination produce a death fall of 6 per 1000 vaccinated. Where’s the oversight on THIS human trafficking for torture? Californian’s falsely believe that because there’s rhetoric in the state language about this there’s likewise an active oversight agency. There’s not.

It does’t get any better than this! If the BOS (Brotherhood of the Snake) makes a law you’ll sacrifice your own children, by God you’ll do it or go to jail for refusing to do so. It won’t be long before a lottery determines the fate of your five year old, a number draw redirecting to the nearest Planned Parenthood for this outlier abortion surrounded by Lab techs dressed in costumes of Mickey Mouse, Big Bird and Barney.

Currently there are no laws on STATIST county perped renditionS, and if this involves a church organization networked with administrative offices as is the case with the Mormon church and Scottish Rite Freemasons, you can kiss your children goodbye if some elite LDS mind fuck wants any one of them, male or female, for a ritual fuck, because this is what they do.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING/Paragraphs 10- 13 Above

According a police investigation, 25 February 2013, sometime around 9:00 AM, Sylvia Marie Flores was kidnapped after she left Jack in the Box on 5th Street in San Bernardino.

The next Morning her body was found adjacent an old house located at 77 (5) Almond Avenue in Redlands near two dogs that bark savagely at any passersby that walk within 25 yards of the front yard of this house.

These dogs for some reason didn’t alert on the body drop that ocurred sometime between late evening of 25 February and before 6:00 AM the next morning.

This location forms a straight line cartographic with two others identified with the number 5, a prompt, the Redlands Mormon temple on 5th Avenue (third 5 in this sequence) and Katherine Finchy Elementary School on Tachevah Drivein Palm Springs. Tachevah triptych ciphers 5.


During the course of researching this henious San Bernardino perpetrated crime, this researcher, possessing some knowledge about the French Revolution, noticed the Redlands temple address of 1761 is also the birth year of William Wickham. Why would a Mormon temple be dedicated to William Wickham? More importantly, if they used Wickham’s birth year, why not the year of  his death? They did: 5th. It gets much worse.

One prompt to the next, 5th decrypts 5 and 4, thus:

5 28
5 121
5 4

Signifance? Galatians 5:4 where 5 denotes the street upon which this temple is located and 4 the year of Wickham’s death, 1840 (1840= base nine additive sum 4).

In reality the address of this temple 1761 5th= the years of the birth and death of William Wickham with an encrypted redirect to Galatians 5:4 in connection with a Mormin temple.

This church might as well have replaced the steeet address with the following quote, because at least this way there would be dignity in LDS alleging to be free of secret combinations:

Galatians 5:4 You are severed from Christ, you who would be justified by the law; you have fallen away from grace.

THIS is the Mormon church, all the rhetoric spin about Moroni, actually a Baphomet effigy, as deceivng as the language that was used to create this phony address the corrected version of which is identified with William Wickham and some location in Hell.

The third point on this straight line cartographic is a public school what principle at the time of the Flores slaying was a Melchizedek priest who, on 16 January 2013, hosted a Bill Clinton visit during which a dance cohort of little girls was paraded to him. Jeff Epstein was in Redlands the previous 11 September. The school is Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs.

None of this information appears in police or sheriff investigation records the point of which avoids ducumentatin of the Flores Slaying as an elite Scottish Rite/LDS ritual sacrifice, and if the Sheriff’s Department doesn’t want it, neither does CDOJ.


FUCK Sheriff John McMahon. This Scottish Rite/LDS side show creep would never have been elected had he not been appointed his first term by default. He’s not only mindless, he’s occult leadership the nature of which is a threat to local intelligence and those who value reality and would seek his removal via administrative protocol were the public was not so impressed with his magic show.

Unfortunately, San Bernardino is not populated with the brightest lighthouses along this coastline of Twilight Zone Macabre. People who know about this will say nothing, and California Department of Justice has locked out any process of law that contravenes the public attitude favorable to these demon circumstances. In otherwords, long as folks in this peeverted Mayberry are LOVIN’ it, CDOJ is ALLOWIN’ it.

Meanwhile, San Bernardino (Scottish Rite/LDS elite, police, sheriff, Superior Court, city council, businessman’s association, COE, SBCUSD, they’re all in on it) is here> LOL KEWL OMG LMAO ANAI. That’s a Satanic party culture.

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