Moloch and Baphomet


1 This journal is edited from the origional shared with Henry Makow 24 November 2016 in response to his narrative describing the “honey pot” seduction and subsequent death of Phillip Jones.

2 Soldierly fellow, Phillip Jones. There are three traps that will always bait confidence: food, sex and entertainment.

3 I may have shared this before, when I was teaching in San Bernardino, a principal attempted to seduce me via teacher evaluation observations. When asked why the high frequency of classroom visits, she explained they weren’t teacher observations. She was there to watch me walk around classroom working with my students. That cost the District a 14K settlement.

4 This woman was to have been my handler in a corrupt to control project that while I was upwardly mobile in school administration I was simultaneous being groomed to perp trafficking of students to alternative education to aggrandize the creation if the the need for a federally funded fiscal calendar.

5 They still do this. Regional Centers will falsely document IQ and performance ratings to earn SSI and other services in an unGodly trafficking campaign to fund district alternative placements.

6 Just yesterday I was talking to a woman who asked me why all the issues with vaccinations? I have my own explanation for this: to make the fetus independent of maternal gestation, to which she responded, “FUUCCCKKKK!”

7 Crypto is a transgender radical homosexual, which I know this is not the subject of your narrative: however, ALL violence on this planet and a will to this is the product of the macabre and willful disposition of the sado-perverted full spectrum psychopath AKA radical homosexual.

8 Active types will destroy humanity. Passive types destroy intelligence. The two are Moloch and Baphomet.

9 Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t this the pharoah/emperor split between Egypt and Rome what subsequent impact on world culture is the same bifurcated phenomenon known as Vatican and Switzerland?

10 Am I correct understanding that in these circumstances Sweden is Moloch, Vatican Baphomet?

11 The closing statement was forwarded rhetorical, so no response was expected.

12 What people have to come to terms with is the fact that a will to violence is phenomenally linked to sexual perversion and radical homosexuality/lesbianism.

13 People fight this, because they know it’s true. The radical mind in this sense is in no way the reformer described in the dictionary definition of this word, but rather in this usage radical contravenes reality linked to a predisposition to sexual behavior opposite one’s gender.

14 It bears stating also this is the Freemason/LDS METRIC upon which this frat lofts their coveted scoundrel sado-perverted leadership, this the reason there is so much corruption in politics generally throughout the US.

15 Get RHS under control, and this will end. The only problem is there is no social catalyst to work the problem. Society is too diffused to identify persons likely to perpetrate while at the same time Crypto radical homosexuals are eagerly recruiting those from the mainstream to populate their leadership needs.

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