PATHEOS/Theosophy (OCCULT) Research Project Masquerading Progressive Christian Open Forum Blog

Daniel C. Peterson, representative writer for PATHEOS, made the following remarks to comments (see below) I posted in an open forum discussion re LDS women staying at home following the Trump election.

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PATHEOS bills itself as a progressive Christian blog the reality of which is LDS attempting to continue to frame bridge itself to the Christian mainstream in occult mission creep to collapse same.

These are madmen obsessed with insane ideas and absolutely opposed to information sharing which documents LDS involvement with eugenics hybrid human trafficking for torture.

This is their culture. This is what they do. Radical liberal elite LDS are LOVIN’ it!


Daniel Peterson

1 LD, do you have your own blog? If not, you should! Post THERE.

2 Nobody has censored you here. Yet.
But I hope that you have a blog of your own, or that you launch one really, really soon.


Reread lines 10 and 11.


L= right angle SQUARE
D= 180 degree COMPASS
S= 1and 4 (Pyrhagoras), or 113

113= 109th day of year, 256 days remaining, or the 19 April non leap year Satanic Fire Ritual, the occult date upon which the LDS church was founded.

6 April 1830 encrypts 13, a counting promp. 13 days hence= 19 April.

The 19 April 13 day Satanic Fire Ritual= Moloch= Baal= Baphomet= Moroni (arms, lack of genetalia).

LDS vote for trump reverses the Mormon grip on direct democracy, the illusion of solidarity with Baphomet and ultimately the emergence of THINKING independently in the church, which is a threat to LDS SKIRTS eugenics.

LDS the dark side. It’s rarely discussed in publuc forums making every journo that censors this info complicit with LDS malingering with the occult by default. The Mormon church was a William Wickham project. Mormon elite are a frat organization allied with the Scottish Rite Freemasons the combination of which with the Fed forms cohort master lodge, Skull and Bones. Radical propaganda cohort is SABRA, also a Wickham project.

PATHEOS soft censorship is uncharacteristic of open dialogue this hokey Blog alleges to identify with. Mormon alliances are as dysfunctional as the church itself. Liberal author?

9:30 PM

Dylan Zwick LD
30 minutes ago

Not everything Google returns is true.

You strike me as somebody who might really benefit from that understanding.

Above remark encrypts 19 and 113 and was posted:

Same as 19 and 113. Evil has two faces. Mormon elite are exquisite sociopaths.



19 cues on the 19 April Satanic Fire Ritual. 113 cues on the 109th day of year, 256 days remaining, 1/13 (Pythagoras base nine numeration) and 113. The 109th day of year= non leap year 19 April.

LDS elite and their army of provocateurs do this all the time. This is how the hold off the public, one target to the next, their perverted triptych pirating… because they are perverted!

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