MOMORO/Antoine Francois Momoro: etiology of the development of the mythical characters of the Mormon church

Since discovering the Mormon church is identified with the French Revolution (logo analysis; Anacharsis Cloots, St Just), certain names have lofted involved in it’s design the inclusion of which were people capable of pre 1800 narration and production of the Book of Mormon.

The purpose of this project appears to be linked to a four part occupation agenda involving: 1) the establishment of a networked statist intelligence cohort the alpha of whom would have been William Wickham, 2) noble faith penetration on and collapse of mainstream Protestant Christianity concurrent with eugenics development of a hybrid bloodline super race bred into existence by LDS elite using kidnapped breeder Eves taken at will from the mainstream, 3) the creation of a central banking system and currency manipulation, and 4) institutionalization of frat scoundrel leadership to replace that of the founders principled on the rule of law.

Cloots and Saint-Just naturally identify with several other people of this period, one of these a name familiar with the Mormon church by pronunciation and spelling, Momoro, or Antoine Francois Momoro, a printer/bookseller that was was likewise guillotined in 1794. This name is important to the labeling of Mormon literature, for obvious reasons. Momoro suggests a dedication of a sort that although there are subtle differences in spelling, nonetheless convey a similarity worthy of scrutinization for more information.

Momoro transforms Mormon and Moroni thus:

mo mor o
mor mo -o, +n
mormon (4)

mo mor o
mor o -mo, +ni
moroni (4)

4 and 4, or 8, are identified with the eight primary stars of the Orion constellation. The names if LDS ancient great societies were formulated from the names of the eight stars of Orion. For example, Mulekite was taken from Betelgeuse and Mintaka and in all likelihood is actually the bkack mass product of the reproductive union between LDS elite (old men) and their child kidnapping victims.

Subtractive letters o, m and o do not appear to link to an encryption except where these letters produce 11 and 13, or 1113 for the leap year Satanic Fire Ritual, a very strong possibility.

Letters used to formulate Mormon and Moroni from Momoro, i, n and n, do encrypt another name linked the French Revolution via Robespierre, nin, for Grace, or, Grace Dalrymple Elliott. Elliot is identified with Robespierre and William Wickham and may in fact been among a cohort of women spies that ultimately collapsed the French Revolution culminating in the deaths of the very people that engineered and published the literature that became the cornerstone for the Mormon church.

The west had had no clue what what was conceived of during the French Revolution to overthrow US government would issue on the deaths of the very people who created this monster religion, the names of same so eloquently encrypted in the church logo the devil himself would forget who these people were.

The correct idea is the French Revolution precipitated what would be a lasting occult siege on the US the principle component of which remains liberal radicalization of domestic infrastructures.

The appeal of such phenomenon is some perverted form of happiness arising from an indiscriminate state of mind in which morality subordinates to the inversion of reality, or Satanism.

For the record, the letters L, D and S represent the right angle square, 180 degree compass and 13, respectively. 13= 23 February 303 CE for Diocletian’s 8 year siege on the Christian church.

23 February= 223= 322 radicalized (reversed)= Skull and Bones.

An administrative fraternity (Scottish Rite Freemasons) was already in place to act as a catalyst to facilitate LDS acculturation. Founding of the church concurrent with Skull and Bones was step two.

The 1913 creation of the Fed was step three. The final phase was the creation of an international Intel SABRA cohort (MI5, CIA, MOSSAD) that included the founding of the state of Israel.

In the latter example, the Mormon church and Israel are the same organization which is why the alliance between the two.


Joseph Smith
161578 14928

19= 19 April Satanic Fire Ritual.

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