Eminationism and the 2nd Amendment

I believe most people would agree we issue from the divine a descent into chaos.  We choose but are ALWAYS under pressure from the seduction of desire first manifest as chaos which morphs fantasy and irrationality. It is our curiosity which is baited to debauchery, once we touch this the impulse to sustain magnified, like a free fall.

America has been baited to degradation by these attractive forces, no one reading this the better, because the mind rationalizes that because these things ultimately feel good they are good, which they are not. One can dramatically control this descent into hell as it were but will not. The experience is both willful and socially influenced.

Figure we issue from the sun and everything around us, it makes sense the way out is back through the sun, and it is. We are composed of 60 of the 117 known elements in the universe, and ALL of these come from the stars. People lock onto their addictions making a life and death struggle to preserve them. For what? Because they rely on them to cope, coping that is afflicted with very stuff they are battling. On the other hand, the challenge here is to use divine intelligence to interact with this without loosing one’s soul in the process..

Reason attempts to preserve us. Chaos attempts to destroys us. These two forces are the little motor of the universe. We need them to be here, but we don’t become purely either. Encounter chaos, analyze. Irrationality, imagine something better. Feel the pressure of a fantasy, reason.

America has gone full blown retard. Folks aren’t thinking. They’re feeling and feeling good about feeling, and it’s drawing them deeper into the cosmos and more karmic addicted to their pandemonium.

As divine beings, we have the gift of divine intelligence that if we use this we put the breaks on the descent, but it has to be sustained. It’s resistance that makes a jet engine work. It’s the same for human development. Chaos is to be ruled by reason, not the other way around, but you have to be willing to think and sustain this to make it work.

Figure you’re in a free fall in a 160 MPH descent that if you don’t open your chute you’re fucked. This is America. Your parachute was the Bill of Rights. You never learned to use it, so you DON’T KNOW WHERE THE FUCKING RIP CORD IS.

How about this. Figure out and PULL THE GOD DAMNED RIP CORD!


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