2nd Amendment Nostalgia

I picked this off line and couldn’t help but add my two cents to the fishbowl of Agitprop schizophreniform journalism so I could at least say I DID in fact attempt to convey this issue to others.

Feels like a waste of time though, since much of what appears on this page requires the application of thought with no personal reward other than you get an opportunity to develop a little character, unless you engage the image.

The 2nd amendment is a triune people pay very little attention to. It’s well written, and genius as the founder were, it’s a pretty simple statement of your rights.

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”

People generally miss the triune, so I’ve redirected here:

well regulated militia – diffused by federal relations and Posse Comitatus – YES, Posse Comitatus!
security of a free state – requires ongoing education on affairs of state, not happening
keep and bear arms – the only thing people really do, nostalgic

Americans have a romantic relationship with the past with no clue about the circumstances that earned them this little reverie in the Goyem land of milk and honey that’s slowly being yanked out from under them by some very convincing Jew socialist con artists, by design repatriation.

Does that piss you off?

Plain and simple truth is the 2nd amendment works fine if people would use it, but they don’t. They’re lazy, and the responsibility inherent in such a domestic task competes with a lifestyle that is otherwise saturated with unchecked access to fast food, sex/abortion and degenerate entertainment. Someone please tell me this is all new to you so I can laugh my ass off.

Americans prefer the latter at the expense of the former, and to compensate their diffidence they are using legislation to customize the 2nd amendment to fit the otherwise diffuse albeit ambitious desire to satiate 24/7.

It’s natural then for the Jew controlled legislature to stand off and point the finger at gun violence knowing full damned good and well this is an engineered phenomenon and NOT one of authentic causation.

Get fucking real. America is a decadent debauch culture and has no idea about the constitution let alone the 2nd amendment, because it doesn’t give them immediate gratification and fucking ha ha ha pee ness, and when they’re confronted on their stupidity they threaten the world with “Jesus.” Good luck with that! The current birth rate in the Christian world is 1.3%. It’s a whopping 8% among Muslims. Message here? Keep praying, suckers!

Let me tell you the message. Christians have been frightened into self perpetuating genocide. Muslims are being encouraged to breed. DOES THAT MAKE SENSE, IDIOTS? You’re really blowing it, America. Jesus is nowhere in sight, and your churches are emptying exponentially.

REALITY CHECK: America’s attachment to guns isn’t self preservation.  It’s sex just like everything else this perverted nation does. But gun ownership is made to look classy against a backdrop of nostalgia, but don’t take my word for it. See for yourself here:

esi_sex and guns
Debauch BAIT! If your mind is already there, you’re among the soulless millions that can’t control yourself what preoccupation with sex makes you vulnerable to marketing propaganda minimally and agitation propaganda more deeply. The image gets your attention. What you do with it gets inside your head.

In addendum, I guess this pissed off Twitter. I linked to this WordPress in one of my Tweets and the moderator suspended my account shortly afterward. Not my artwork, but once again the message is you don’t know.

To know you have to think. To think you have to take risks with information. To take risks with information you have to be willing to challenge people at their level of interest. I have no doubt whatsoever that as close to the line as this image may be it does in fact warm up to a congressional standard of exploitation in the closet as it were.

As familiar as this image might be to your everyday neo, that individual would never admit it, because you are looking at their overseas recreation agenda, on your buck I might add. Change the flag in the background and you get the idea of how this works.

You people are asleep. You’re overindulgent and asleep on food. You’re overstimulated and asleep on sex, and when this displease you, abortion. You’re living the party and entertainment lifestyle 24/7 sleep walking in Pseudologia Fantastica Fabiana, and if someone tries to wake you up you go wild.

Lord have mercy and send the wicked men of this world to their perdition with the devil! That’s mystification BULLSHIT! America is a mystification bullshit culture. You’re steeping bullshit thinking it’s perfume. WAY beyond dumb fuck.

Anyway, Knowing that you are debauch addicted AND offended by foul language, I’ll cool this off a bit and close a little reassuring love from Obama’s quarters in DC.

Obama has stated he respects your 2nd amendment rights (a well crafted lie) albeit he has ALSO subordinated this to highly theatrical Crisis Strategy agitation psyops Newtown, Aurora, Oak Creek, and Tucson and is thus promoting a community safety US/UK perverse society agenda that is in fact replacing the 2nd amendment with alternative Bill of Rights legislation. Click the Link on #2 – formerly the 2nd amendment – for your education.

Giggle and laugh, America. You like to eat, so you’re being poisoned with pharmaceuticals. You like to fuck, so yo got Planned Parenthood to help you out with your mistakes and misunderstandings. You like entertainment 24/7, you are loading up with plenty of propaganda that is diffusing your ability to reason. If it tastes good, eat it. If it FEELS good, do it! If it’s exciting and transforms reality, fucking BUY it!  All of this and the US is an estimated 70% ignorant about the constitution.

Where are we headed? End of the line, always, no exceptions except how we get there, Soulless or otherwise.



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