It’s tough to find a media that’s not a party to some kind of “alternative” socialization enterprise the point of which is you acculturate on your willingness to play along with whatever scheme is presented in exchange for having lots of fun. The latter is bait, the former an attempt to re-engineer your value system.

Twitter’s good, but there is a subtle undercurrent that is culling intelligence principled on the Bill of Rights making this competitive with a soft application of communitarianism. Say something that to Twitter socialist protocol is off color, and this media immediately suspends you.  How they do this lightening quick is simple: they use agitprop provocateurs.

A very powerful social media, Twitter appears to have been hijacked and made to work as a Crisis Strategy application the point of which is it’s use as a mechanism of repatriation. Fight this and your fade is a click away via the SPAM button, Twitter assuming you are in agreement with a permanent suspension unless you refute it.  The problem is they do not tell you why you were suspended which speaks HUGELY to the conflict this presents against the the civil rights backdrop of the US Bill of Rights.

You don’t HAVE a US Bill of Rights on Twitter. While this may have ‘character’ appeal to some authoritarians it’s a phenomenon that sets a precedence for relieving you of your civil rights in the mainstream as well, a change process that potentially mollifies even the staunchest red necks among us. No fight in that! You’re having fun. Twitter ‘s changing how you think. You’re losing your freedom believing Tweeting about it is making it better. NOT happening. Nowhere close in this macabre Barbie Doll house play activity.

On Twitter, you are playing along with a repatriation scheme that is making you stupid to the reality that unless you make some concrete contribution to your freedom you are going to loose it in perpetuity, and Twitter is greasing the chute via the use of TOS provocateurs antithetical to authentic freedom and civil liberties.


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