America has lost it’s mind (self-) control!

The mind splits under duress in double bind situations. These are circumstances in which you have no control over the crisis and therefore are unable to anticipate an attack.

This creates a shadow on your personality which becomes a behavioral application identified with another personality. Do this often, and in a variety of circumstances, and the individual develops multiple applications for coping with “perceived” stressors. Some of these can be good, others not so good.

The US is being placed in these circumstances at this time, American naiveté largely responsible for this. You dropped your guard leaving yourselves open to predation, and this is coming at you in the form of INVERSE MORALITY.

Once acculturated, this application becomes as familiar as your nearest fast food restaurant, and often as you understand it’s bad for you, you engage it in denial of the consequences, albeit you intuitively understand it can destroy your health. You do it anyway, and this is how you are likewise responding to radical liberal INVERSE MORALITY. You know it’s wrong, but you’re allowing it to rule you nonetheless.

Abortion and the entertainment industry, same.

Mind splitting comes back to bite you on the ass, because to avoid these horrific circumstances you have to create a denial state of mind, and this too functions as a personality application which automates when you perceive a threat, enter shock and awe and 911, Tucson, Newtown ANAI. Instead of pressing against the political entity setting this off, you are holding midnight candlelight prayer vigils trying to pray it away, and yet it’s magnifying!

So, you are being conditioned to a state of mind that is pacifying you to slaughter, and the way THIS is coming at you is “they” are now lofting slider and Helter Skelter assaults in your communities, police doing their part to suppress you, they TOO oblivious of their hand in this macabre enterprise doing their job, doing what they are told irreverent to the Bill of Rights, their part WORSE, because they are being rewarded with pay checks to co-facilitate. Police have been recruited to the role of “handler”, and they are willing to do this at this time, although again, they TOO will realize their error AFTER they’ve done their damage and it’s too late to correct this.

America is split minded which is the reason AMERICANS aren’t fighting this. This particular personality application is addicted to food, sex/abortion and the entertainment industry, and this is where people go for relief in an INVERSE MORALITY panic state of mind. They are hiding ‘neath layers of addiction in avoidance of what would otherwise be a successful SYG.

You can heal split mindedness by correctly identifying and confronting the stressor, which in this case you have to be willing to let go of your addictions and understand and confront INVERSE MORALITY as well, but Americans are just NOT willing to do this. They are stuck, and they will remain so until they stand up to this or it collapses their society completely.

For the time being, in the current state of affairs, America is a perverted nation of debauchery and in every way addicted to the bait that was laid to commit them to this future. People say often, “I’M AWAKE NOW. I’M GONNA PROTEST AND SHOW MY SUPPORT FOR THE CONSTITUTION!”

It’s really beyond protesting at this point. You need SDF and state leadership for this and have neither. Recall elections are helping out, and certainly LPAs realizing where this is going are beginning to awaken to the macabre politics of summary judgment and curbside execution by policy, the latter of which is a corporate influenced dynamic of police work to recruit these to the hate dynamic of occult government.

America’s collective mind is splitting. The attack is coming from politicians willingly going along with INVERSE MORALITY and being paid BY YOU to do this, America responding by entrenching further with debauch.

This is NOT the correct response to repatriation.

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