Barack Obama: Lola

Folks were high on something walking into this nightmare absolutely no clue the party had been hijacked by a real walking talking Lola. First term one could throw off criticism, the voting public had made a mistake and misunderstood this fascinating debauch wizard, but a second term? Social pathology. Obama is child-like and appeals mostly to women. Genesis 3.

America’s punch fucking drunk and spin dance crazy. You’ve been on this magician’s knee seduced by “charisma” and so charmed by him you’re eating apple after apple with no end in sight. See a problem here, or are you going to learn the “hard” way, reality blindsided by passion over which you seem to have no control. You’re eating food products flavored with human fetus (Pepsi, Oreo ANAI) mindlessly addicted to McDonalds, snake ball sex/abortion and degenerate entertainment.

THIS generation can go to hell, and the thing is it’s not children that are doing it. IT’S THE FUCKING BABY BOOMER POPULATION!

47% of the US voting population still loves Lola Obama. How is this possible? Well, besides boyish charm of Eddy Haskel, the OTHER issue may have something to do with his alter ego.

esi_obama gay esi_r7

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