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MOMORO/Antoine Francois Momoro: etiology of the development of the mythical characters of the Mormon church

Since discovering the Mormon church is identified with the French Revolution (logo analysis; Anacharsis Cloots, St Just), certain names have lofted involved in it’s design the inclusion of which were people capable of pre 1800 narration and production of the … Continue reading

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PATHEOS/Theosophy (OCCULT) Research Project Masquerading Progressive Christian Open Forum Blog

Daniel C. Peterson, representative writer for PATHEOS, made the following remarks to comments (see below) I posted in an open forum discussion re LDS women staying at home following the Trump election. See blog comments here> PATHEOS PATHEOS bills itself … Continue reading

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LDS Occult Symbolism/Baphomet/San Bernardino

Mormon apologists are going to have a tough time dismissing this on their notorious mistake and misunderstanding thesis. Baphomet appears at least twice in LDS symbolism. Moroni is a representation of this effigy (lacks male genitalia; numeric encryption= Baphomet). Mormon … Continue reading

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The REAL Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

INTRODUCTION This FNCS project was initiated on a tip from a cohort researcher who noticed a name encryption in the LDS logo. Subsequent analysis produced some interesting narrative occult artifacts what manifestation upon the introduction to this organization begs certain … Continue reading

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The REAL Mormon Church

Long as people remain gullible, insouciant and unwilling to think for themselves, organizations like this will proliferate throughout time unchecked by civil code, that for all it’s hope to rise through the Twilight Zone haze of chaos and irrationality, the … Continue reading

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SABRA Projects

re “SABRA Shmabra. If LDS elite were this bad they would be in prison or on death row.” You cant fix stupid. The fact is the reason LDS elite are not in prison is because they are shielded from their … Continue reading

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San Bernardino Public Administration Funding Human Sacrifice II, The Targeted Individual

People regard LDS thoroughly committed to their faith. This makes it difficult to vet the Mormon church for corruption. Nonetheless, where there’s a squeak there are parts that don’t quite fit together, this little noise in this case a worthy … Continue reading

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