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MOMORO/Antoine Francois Momoro: etiology of the development of the mythical characters of the Mormon church

Since discovering the Mormon church is identified with the French Revolution (logo analysis; Anacharsis Cloots, St Just), certain names have lofted involved in it’s design the inclusion of which were people capable of pre 1800 narration and production of the … Continue reading

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PATHEOS/Theosophy (OCCULT) Research Project Masquerading Progressive Christian Open Forum Blog

Daniel C. Peterson, representative writer for PATHEOS, made the following remarks to comments (see below) I posted in an open forum discussion re LDS women staying at home following the Trump election. See blog comments here> PATHEOS PATHEOS bills itself … Continue reading

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Moloch and Baphomet

Journal re PHILIP JONES 24NOV2016 1 This journal is edited from the origional shared with Henry Makow 24 November 2016 in response to his narrative describing the “honey pot” seduction and subsequent death of Phillip Jones. _______ 2 Soldierly fellow, Phillip … Continue reading

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Human Trafficking: IHSS/APS San Bernardino County, a Devil’s Paradise

INTRODUCTION Such a complaint alleging IHSS/APS collaborated human trafficking in San Bernardino will never find it’s way past the Freemason/LDS criminal network that controls this county. Population is too dense to realize the consequence of doing stupid for this bifurcated predator … Continue reading

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STATER BROTHERS/Store #18, Redlands, California

A2Q See EOD. Narrative contains updates end of document. Giving consideration to Regional Stater Brothers Rep, Don, mobile (909) 792-3900, who directed me to do whatever I had do that was right for me, this is my response: Shoppers beware! Stater Brothers is staging … Continue reading

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Trevor Montgomery

2 November 2016 re UPDATED: VAST “UNDERGROUND MILITARY COMPLEX AND GOVERNMENT TESTING FACILITY” DISCOVERED UNDER HEMET, OFFICIALS CONFIRM This journalist lies. In the comments section of his 1 April 2016 article the title of which appears above, Trevor Montgomery says, … Continue reading

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The question came up how Jeff Epstein and Bill Clinton are involved in the 2013 kidnapping and slaying of Sylvia Marie Flores when San Bernardino Sheriff John McMahon, DA Mike Ramos and black mass Mayor R. Carey Potts-Davis have written this … Continue reading

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Triptych Predation

STRUCTURE 1.1 HRS manifests as predation. The parent concept is coaction- hijack, reform and solidarity a very powerful coefficient triptych. 1.2 The correct use of the HRS triptych is defeat of an adversary no single part of which is effective alone. Hijack … Continue reading

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LDS Brotherhood of Baphomet

God conscience is one’s awareness of morality and the consequence of ignorance when dealing with predators. The Bible attempts to equip the public with beliefs and values to ready the mind for such circumstances, and it lays out a construct of rules to follow to empower people … Continue reading

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DEMOCRACY: the catalyst for transition from chaos to dictatorship

Democracy is not a political system. It is a catalyst for transition from manufactured chaos to a dictatorship the next step of which will be the disposal of many who oppose Scottish Rite and LDS preeminence. The government of the … Continue reading

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