Eric Holder: Money for Nothing, Chicks for Free

Twitter suspended me immediately following remarks I made about Eric Holder as a Crisis Strategy #MarxistAgitationPropaganda provocateur. He’s a pervert, and I guess his like minded Twitter moderators took offense to my having said this in a Tweet.

The problem issued in my response to an article on Barracuda.

I Tweeted if I worked for DOJ I would resign immediately knowing I subordinated to a Marxist agitation propaganda degenerate. I was suspended immediately afterward. Let’s call this censorship, for obvious reasons, least we live up to Obama’s regard for the US that we are all fucking stupid.

Money for Nothing, Chicks for Free

While it may be of no consequence to put this to a public journal (no actual or real audience of followers) doing this gives me the satisfaction of knowing I spoke my mind against a status quo vehemently opposed to constitutionalism, this entity willing to demonstrate such at will using the same [destabilization template] matrix routine they developed to cull their child sacrifice victims. Government SKIRTing (stalk, kidnap, rape, torture, sacrifice) is legal under the PATRIOT Act and NDAA.

Anyway, Twitter had no genuine reason to suspended me other than running a standard censorship psyop to confirm solidarity with DHS/TSA and posture DOJ confident.

Let me make my views regarding Eric Holder perfectly clear and STILL 1st Amendment protected. FUCK child sacrifice #MarxistAgitationPropaganda perp Eric holder. I DON’T LIKE HIM. I DON’T HAVE TO LIKE HIM, and I can say this on Twitter.

I don’t preach hatred, nor do I threaten violence or harm to others regardless of their dip shit role in Crisis Strategy psyops. I inform people on popular political issues. There is no law to prohibit this unless Twitter makes it up and pseudo enforces it the way they did this suspension. Regardless, Holder belongs in jail, in my opinion.

I know where America’s at psychologically with this issue: fast food, sex/abortion and Hollywood 24/7. This crap dulls the mind. Of the ten levels of comprehension, America is proficient at level one and has no clue what the other nine are, but team Holder does! America’s been groomed to this future willing to go there, heir Holder SKIRTS PREDATOR a product of a carefully engineered NPA #MarxistAgitationPropaganda psyop in perpetuity designed specifically to repatriate the US.

To be honest with you, I am so sick of hearing, “Wha, Huh, and D’oh” I could give a fuck less if debauch America figures this out. Predators have to eat, too, and America is willing to be a meal. I’ll reach out nonetheless just a little. At Least my conscience is clear; I didn’t stand aside and let this go down without shouting very loudly ERIC HOLDER IS A FUCKING CHILD SACRIFICING PERVERT!

I can not understand how conscionable people could possibly work under Eric uh hold her. Lack of conscience, minimally, a desire to participate in child debauchery likely. Eric Holder is an institutionally sick person, and America is a perverted society for placing trust in him, and in this case like does attract to like. Lots of “whahuhdoh” factor instead of a social conscience principled on the FOUNDERS version of the Constitution.

Eric Holder is Mr. Money for Nothing, Chicks for Free… taxpayer income and Crystal Hall- Karen Swift. Not EVERYONE in the US is stupid. A lot of people know about this, PREDATOR!

13NOV13 Two lovely individuals, Larry Shields and David Richard Clifford, their respective county LPA’s finest, are police hit men and affiliated with the organization that owns this symbol:
esi_lightening bolt

Surprised? Not possible? Don’t believe it? It’s 100% true and correct, this little message embedded in two of their recent projects as well as it is the standard for LDS Mountain Meadows, although these should in no way be related. They are the same elite matrix organization (KUDZU/BOWTIE) that perps SKIRTS abductions and are affiliated with the very same entity that “handled” Ted Bundy, William Suff, Richard Allen Davis and Joseph Edward Duncan III.

I am sorry to say this, but you are STUPID beyond belief, America. These are monsters, and yet you are treating them as if they were Jesus himself. They kidnap and kill people for a living, including children, and the examples given they earn points for pulling this off right in front of you and getting away with it. The more you trust them, the more they are worth, the current example of which is Harry Reid.

Fuck Twitter if moderators don’t understand the first amendment.

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