Dedicated the Twitter pervert that spammed me August 24, 2013:

@Twitter Who knows why this individual did this THIS time this time. Use of the word “Fuck” maybe. We have US IT politicians SKIRTING (stalking, kidnapping, raping, torturing, sacrificing) children at a rate of 3300 unrecovered victims per year, Barack Akhenaten Obama and Oprah Harpocrates Winfrey claiming to be Egyptian Gods reincarnated, and FUCKING social networking media criminalizing ordinary speech that expresses outrage with professional psychopath leadership. WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?! Reactivate my account, please… NOW! So I can laugh at the pervert that did this. O M F G!!

@PERVERT HAHAHA, jackass. Lasted 20 minutes. Go to hell, fucker.

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