America, You are Mentally Ill!

Obamacare is a Keynesian Voodoo scheme engineered to add weight to domestic collapse in the interest of repatriation and is in no way designed to promote the health care of Americans.

There are four points of destruction in this immense legislative hoax that is being ignored by congress: 1) It’s a psychopath’s con written in the UK by Tony Blair, 2) HCR thus described contravenes our already competitive system via inverse morality – Keynesian Voodoo, 3) such a plan institutionalizes mandatory eugenics vaccinations such as the pharmaceutical FUNVAC in the interest of lobotomizing intelligence, and 4) once done it can not be undone.

This macabre proposition should have been overwhelmingly opposed in the US but is a creeping thing slithering it’s way along the mainstream a constant pressure on one’s sensibilities; exotic and promising at it may seem on the surface it will be very difficult to sustain as a friendly pet unless you have family you’d like to get rid of.

Here’s the deal. The international corporation promoted big business in the party culture of the universe (US) with no end to fast food, sex/abortion and entertainment streaming into virtually every household and so saturating your sensibilities with P-L-E-A-S-U-R-E you forgot to keep your watch stations posted for invaders.

You dropped your defensive shield, DUMB FUCKS, and now you’re so addicted to a debauch lifestyle that’s the only thing that makes sense to you. You Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and LinkedIn, but you do NOT do close analysis on the issues, nor do you do much more than a midnight candlelight prayer vigil in response to some pretty horrific circumstances, because thinking now agitates you in contravention to protecting yourself from a predator.

That’s the way addiction works, by the way, and the compliment of this is predation.

America BOLDLY responds typically by finger wagging and then lining up at McDonald’s for a HA HA HA PEE meal. How do you expect to survive folks? “They” are calling in a due debt and want an immediate 40% reduction in world population. Do you think they want to keep feeding YOU and kill everyone else? Are you special?

America, you are pathologically helpless, and virtually ANY political Voodoo scheme proves this. Thomas Jefferson quotes are not going to stand in for you. Madison truisms will not shield you from destruction. Resurrecting Benjamin Franklin via eugenics cloning will bear no consequence for the powers that are compelling you to self-destruction. That destruction is coming on by your addiction to debauchery.

I keep being told Jesus is going to deal with this. Deal with what, addiction to SEX? The collective conscience of America is the almighty is going to rout the “enemy” so you can eat, fuck and watch movies 24/7. THAT Jesus?


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