Triptych Predation


1.1 HRS manifests as predation. The parent concept is coaction- hijack, reform and solidarity a very powerful coefficient triptych.

1.2 The correct use of the HRS triptych is defeat of an adversary no single part of which is effective alone. Hijack forces capitulation. Reform displaces the status quo. Solidarity maintains leadership.

1.3 There is no narrative. Those pledged to the destruction of a target simply follow the triptych. Each phase is three parts.

1.4 The solidarity pledge is the unifying dynamic in this application, pledging fraternal, and the resources are torture and paedophilia.

1.5 Such frat affiliation will only attract scoundrels, which is the point if it. These are motivated to control others and relieve them of their resources.

1.6 Sex baits frat pledges into service, and they are documented perping horrific crimes to make them manageable to a handler.

1.7 Once debauchery pledged, scoundrels are held to pledge accountability for redaction the penalty of which is ruin or death.

1.8 Each part if the HRS triptych involves absolute and non reciprocating radicalization. In other words, the triptych predator does not back off but rather magnifies medieval on the target.

1.9 It bears stating also, in this usage, radical= Satanic, it’s mark the permanent damage done to the victim.

1.10 Alternative methods for problem solving competition are ecological, but people generally bereft of the desire to think will not respond to intelligent agreements that regard pain, boundaries and resources.

1.11 Those who know the triptych posses the ability to throw of the perp, and these mutualy regard one another as equals. In this case, wolves that do not recognize a hellhound become the prey.

1.12 In isolation, a hijack is the same as a con. Singularly, a good example would be a vacuum cleaner salesman. No major damage there.

1.13 Reform generally is a process of upgrading services, tools, products, cultural routines, etc. No damage there.

1.14 Frat HONOR pledging is typically harmless except when some exotic method is used to torture the initiate. These people will organize around some commonly valued belief they wish to preserve and propagate. Generally no damage there.

1.15 The transformative extension of all of this is radicalization the correct understsnding of which is Genesis 3. The forbidden fruit was Eve’s first born daughter.

1.16 The debauchery pledge is the most powerful unifying mechanism of triptych predation ever conceived of. The correct idea here is corrupt to control.

1.17 Although scoundrels will bait easily to sex, due to typically low intelligence, they are not reliable without a fear leash, hence snuff documentation on their pledge crimes to rein them in.

1.18 EMPHASIS Scoundrels make up the bulk of leadership in a predatory triptych system (eg statism of one form or another), the only way for such to exist the public ultimately acculturated via radical propaganda that has no tolerance for intelligence.

1.19 Under seige from a triptych predator, shield’s up and magnify with identified cohorts and bear no unproven insider.

1.20 Durable statist governments work with spies that themselves typically penetrate any flourishing resistance movement via baiting to helplessness, narcissism and charisma (eg Leonidas).

1.21 Key is early education, the mainstream  otherwise predisposed to idiocy training through which the mind is lost to some superficial ideology that regards predator leadership as a God.

1.22 Immense espinage services a predator’s need for radical propaganda to maintain the public stupid.

1.23 Unfortunately, people are more wired to eat, reproduce and party than think, the natural consequence of which is they do not place much value in their psychological survival.

1.24 Key to understanding triptych predation is radicalization of trust, intelligence and morality, all of which are described in Genesis 3.

1.25 A HIJACK con unchecked by a vet breaches trust on the double bind the radicalization of which fleeces the target of some desired resource. The Satan relieved Eve of her garden and enslaved her to Goyim cultivation and harvesting.

1.26 A REFORM surge will loft a scoundrel preeminent, criminalize a person of character and systematically set about to attack the latter’s domestic resources.

1.27 Frat SOLIDARITY pledges three types of corruption: moral (principle), ethical (sex) and philosophical (various types of human sacrifice).

1.28 Much of the development in pirating any culture is the masquerade of the bandit in order not to alert the host.

1.29 In the story of the Amorite and the Inn Keeper, the Amorite has targeted the Inn Keeper’s daughter for abduction, portrays himself as a patron and overnight subsequently absconds with his prey.

1.30 Triptych predation is very fast: con/inkeeper, double bind/stalk, radicalization/kidnap. This method put to use by a solidarity pledged frat cohort is not defeatable least those who would try must be as absolute in principle as Crypto is to control the target.


A scoundrel in this usage is a person of low to average intelligence motivated to aggrandize personal interests in abeyance of the rule of law and whom, with practice, can be controlled by a handler and is also otherwise dishonest.


2.1 One person with an idea is an agent of change. Two such people with opposing views of how things should be changed will compete for preeminance (eg God and the devil).

2.2 Competing entities will organize coed fraternities in order to promote a given agenda. Sororities and fraternities loft preeminent as the need presents to magnify.

2.3 The fraternity is the most powerful of these groups examples of which are soldiers, soldiering held in check by the threat of physical punishment for fleeing the battle field.

2.4 The military fraternity is the most powerful organization in the world: however, religious and political ones are as influencing on the public during peacetime as any army is in routing an enemy.

2.4 Like military fraternities, domestic organizations pledge solidarity. Unlike the military frat, such other organizations do not seek robust capable males but their collective counterpart, the scoundrel.

2.5 People of character will not lie, cheat and steal to surround themselves with resources, but scoundrels will, hence the need for boastful wimps to populate political and religious fraternities what alphas are handlers of domestic control.

2.6 Goyim women capitulate the Garden. Their males follow the sex, which is why intelligent females are culled via SKIRTS. They are troublesome if they think (leadership). The fraternity is the mechanism for asserting control against any competition and is held in check by the DEBAUCHERY solidarity pledge.

2.7 Debauchery pledging documents the initiate against the moral will of the public making this person vulnerable to a justice system that would kill him for crimes perped during these activities the most common example of which is the  SKIRTS rendition of which LDS elite perp at a national rate of six thousand (6000) per year, or two per US county annually.

2.8 Mormon elite are notorious for their debauchery pledging the type of which is perpetual hybrid black mass breeding mainstream Eves, two examples of which were Beverly Potts and Laurie Lynn Partridge. There are others.

2.9 Such a frat enterprise that perps human trafficking for torture does not concern itself with the law and instead makes up it’s own, usually economic or theocratic, and employs the use of highly trained apologists and intelligence cells to diffuse the public.

2.10 In the past, frat advocates were Intel attaches. Today’s advocates are media.

2.10 The precedence setting biblical frat is the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Lesser Males (Adam) are deligated to their women, Eve, and acculturated to find fault with God’s plan, patriotism, and morality thus installing the confused mind set of a pledge undergoing induction.

2.11 Why a serpent motif? Treachery and the cultivation of trust for betrayal, female capitulation the threshold over which the male will follow, and opportunity to set a permanent barrier to restoration of human dignity.

2.12 Teach morality against the backdrop of treachery, masquerade noble cause to gain the confidence of the public and install scoundrel leadership, and entire regional populations will come under the control of a small cohort of frat predators.

2.13 People are simple minded to a fault. They are carefree and do not think about their circumstances deeply enough to effect a community alert on corruption let alone SYG rule of law against a Crypto surge.



3.1 Crypto elite have to keep their numbers small, otherwise the organization will become too bureaucratic, domestic terrorism the alternative to a system so completely overwhelmed by predators it would collapse without this.

3.2 Small group, replicate throughout domestic structures and bifurcate, and the HRS terrorism projects are endless. People acculturated moral and ethical in the forefront never suspect they are being preyed upon, scoundrel leadership itself doubling up the masquerade and parading itself preeminent… and lethal.

3.3 Any taxpayer funded Crypto administration lacking public oversight is dirty. Reserve funds can be used to traffic in domestic terrorism that simultaneously sets up an opportunity to solidarity pledge.

3.4 Take for example the strange police slayings of seemingly innocent people. A target is identified, slaying ensues, victim’s family receives a damages payout that is the price they  are willing to accept for the loss of a loved one to human trafficking for torture.

3.5 In other cases they just perp the murder and blame the victim examples of which were Cheri Jo Bates (1966), Corinna Novis (1986) and Sylvia Marie Flores (2013).

3.6 Whistle blowers are given the same considerstion as any other target. When such a person sounds the alarm, all points converge, just rether than structured as a solidarity project, the process is designed around the use of a group of adhoc felon assets that pepper the target with annoyance opportunistic to set off a confrontation for police action on the victim.

3.7 Typically Crypto will set harassment snares throughout the community using a network of provocateurs that engage various forms of annoyance. Crypto assets are like reserve military. They are activated when needed and otherwise kept busy in jobs which embed them locally.






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LDS Brotherhood of Baphomet

God conscience is one’s awareness of morality and the consequence of ignorance when dealing with predators.

The Bible attempts to equip the public with beliefs and values to ready the mind for such circumstances, and it lays out a construct of rules to follow to empower people to unify their resiliance, but people don’t want this. People want exotic food, indiscriminant sex and degenerate entertainment.

Aggrandizing obsessive appetites is neophyte indoctrination, or the first level of the Illuminati inner circles. LDS claim they don’t do this, which is a lie: Deseret, polygamous soul marriage, Mormon entertainment industries, all of which are delusional neophyte “haa pee ness” baits.

Over the threshold with a grip on any of this, people are greeted by Minerva (inversion of faith), then Astarte (temple marriages and polygamous soul marriage to children). Beyond this, LDS elite perp Genesis 6:2 radicalized and solidarity pledge child and human sacrifice, their mechanism for the latter SKIRTS Rendition resourced by  Intel and Jacobin propaganda cohort, SABRA Lodge 13.

The fall of man is not a myth, hence Baphomet’s seated posture flanked left and right by children being indoctrinated, the height to which they were endowed on Baphomet’s right, the depth of their fail on this transgener’s left.

Moroni similarly poised issues the same alert, the potential for God conscience on the right, on the left the clenched fist of brutality (directed at females), Moroni himself lacking male genitalia.

Stupid people wonder, “What kind of God do they have in mind for the NWO?” The evidence for this is the one they are using to substitute for JESUS, the LDS Moroni, or Baphomet.


Remember, this is THEIR literature, so there can be no mistake or misunderstanding about what the reader is about to see.

12 words:



The significance of 12 words in this little collection of occult macabre is base nine additive sum 3, or COBRA (see notes).

Now go ahead and lie to yourself and believe what you are looking at isn’t true.

LDS are brotherhood of Baphomet, a manifestation of Brotherhood of the Snake, their membership inducted into an immense organization engineered to penetrate and collapse manstream Protestant Christianiy masquerading noble faith the substitution of which produces a highly rationalized and perverted mind.


COBRA> 36291> 354> 12> 3

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DEMOCRACY: the catalyst for transition from chaos to dictatorship

Democracy is not a political system. It is a catalyst for transition from manufactured chaos to a dictatorship the next step of which will be the disposal of many who oppose Scottish Rite and LDS preeminence.

The government of the global elite is troika statism shielded by Sabbatai Zevi inspired Jacobin radical propaganda the brainchild of which is the Fabian Society, all of which contravene a constitutional republic.

Macabre as this may seem to the uninitiated, this devil system is resourced by hybrid eugenics leadership breeding masquerading noble faith Mormon church and it’s Baphomet effigy, Moroni. The Mormon church is an insanely contrived system of fraud and felony corruption unequaled in religion internationally.

Such a Godless system is held together by inflationary/deflationary fiat economics controlled entirely by a foreign central bank the power of which is the ability to suppress population via Wall Street, the coropration the mechanism of radiation throughout domestic infrastructure.

The leadership in this dystopia has been hijacked and reformed from ethical to a brutally morally arrested degenerate, Americans falsely believing they are going to corect this by voting for a POTUS that is selected by an electoral college over which there is no ethical or legal oversight.

You are looking at a very simple four point statist agenda for the deconstruction of the Constitution and Bill of Rights the reconstruction of which will be an oligarch dictatorship to replace them.

The Rex flagship in the US is Skull and Bones; Americans are aware of this but doing nothing to stop it. NOTHING.

So, what does this look like in San Bernardino?

RADICAL PROPAGANDA  2 December 2015 was terrorist drill billed as reality to the local public (radical activism).

HYBRID LEADERSHIP  San Bernardino Mayor Carey R. Davis is the black mass son of 1951 abduction victim, Beverly Potts, and then LDS president David O. McKay.

INFLATION/DEFLATION FIAT ECON Federal Reserve central banking; an offer of money by the federal govermnent to host an agitprop gun control campaign the acceptance of which conforms the 9th and 10th amendments to a federal plan locally.

MORALLY ARRESTED LEADERSHIP  Iluminized Zionist frat club, Scottish Rite Freemasons and subordinating Lodges and organizations that control local business, education, medicine, police ANAI the primary example of which is the engineered economic collapse of this county the rebuilding of which includes installing a League of California Cities (CLOC) statist operating system.

The typical Illuminati stooge is a morally corrupted individual, the worst of these the likes of ONA/SABRA Lodge 13 cohort, Sheriff John McMahon and his streetside prostitute slaying wet works assassins.


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Recovery From Mormonism RfM Discussion Forum: Information Censorship

You have to be politically correct to post information about the Mormon church on this website, which means RfM is masquerading self-help noble cause the back drop of which is LDS analysis of arrituon.

RfM uses numerically encrypted website provocateurs to harass info posts and will censor open forum discussion about where this church actually came from.The Mormon church is a French Revolution era front organization for hybrid eugenics SKIRTS breeding of Illuminati leadership an example of which is San Bernardino Mayor R. Carey Davis. Davis is the black mass son of former LDS president David O. McKay and 1951 abduction victim, Beverly Potts.

The following information was censored from the RfM blog the morning of 29 October 2016.


Recovery From Mormonism
RfMDiscussion Forum

Posted by: coastx
Date: 10/29/2016 03:11AM,1898884

Much as even folks in recovery from this organization may fight this information, the obvious needs to be pointed out: 1) Moroni= Baphomet, and 2) LDS= L/square, D/compass and S/cobra snake.

While you can let your imagination run wild in argument, the point being made is the Mormon church is a Jacobin/Cordeliers (Kensington Palace) project in perpetuity and as much a part of this organization’s malingering with democracy as Satan mixed with Eve.

For those who lack the imagination to figure this out, compare side by side the images of Moroni and Baphomet, right arm up, left down, and the absence of male genitalia on the former.

The letter encryption is state of the art telegraph and the manner in which LDS elite communicate what they are actually doing to the public and the members of their church.

Embedded also in the logo THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS is the name Anacharsis Cloots giving emphasis to the idea that this religion was a French Revolution Jacobin/Cordelier/Kensington manufactured project the point of which has been attempt to penetrate and collapse Protestant Christianity in the US.

The Mormon church is an Illuminati organization, and their elite perpetrate felony abduction crimes and domestic terrorism against any public in which they construct their temples via routine kidnapping for torture.

Also, LDS elite privately regard William Wickham for his contributions to the creation of this monster religion.

Like it or not, the LDS is a front organization for hybrid eugenics, the constitution be damned, the public be damned and their rendition victims be damned.

For the record, Louis Antoine Léon de Saint-Just was the poster boy for Joseph Smith, Mormon archives now kiting a 1927 photoshopped image of George Hodel as Smith. Hodel remains the prime suspect in the ritual slaying of Elizabeth Short in connection with Kensington Palace.

Co founder Brigham Young was in no way the frontiersman LDS elite have made him out to be but was in fact an Illuminated Freemason kingpin networked with Spain, France and England, and he was the local Rex for institutionalization of the Mormon church in the US, his signature project in this mission the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

Re: LDS Logo
Posted by: coastx
Date: 10/29/2016 12:48PM

cricket, The Dude, sunbeep… Quoting from a Jacobin round table meeting during which William Wickham inevented the words Lamanite, Nephite and Mulekite, which are all actually variations on OTHER words layman (an ordinary person), Nephite (first inner circle of Illuminati membership) and mule kite (LDS Genesis 6:2 SKIRTS hybrids).

Gentlemen, or whatever, your contribution is an invaluable resource to the recovery and reeducation of the Lamanites!


Information that can link the Mormon church to the French Revolution is dangerous to this organization, because of the nature of radical propaganda the Jacobins manifest in France between 1789-94, the prevalence of which made it’s debut in the US via the 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre the catalyst of which was Illuminati Scottish Rite Freemasons, this event typical of the deconstruction of moral society via domestic terrorism.

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Extrajudicial Execution/Curbside Sumary Judgement

re You sound paranoid.

Hardly. Illuminated leadership is notoriously lacking in enlightenment in the venue of radical government the point of which is collapse of the moral status quo and rule of law.

They reconstruct intelligence as arrested development, and police are a good example of this. Take for example feelings of fear threat assessment.

Fear based threat assessment is a deconstruction of one’s ability to perceive reality and apply reason to law enforcement the reconstruction of which manifests in Illuminati perversion of intelligence.

The macabre fun of this is what is likely to happen when someone being detained and investigated argues with a madman bearing badge and gun.

I encountered such a pervert at Turner’s Sporting Goods one day who turned his children lose on patrons, this demon’s disposition to confront anyone who objected to bring touched by these Illuminati in training junior gargoyles.

This is why they closed Sports Chalet, Mayor Carey Davis’ grandson having sexually harassed my handicapped daughter in the ski department several months prior. I complained and made a public issue with this. They closed the business not only locally, but nationally.

Davis’ Illuminati  shield retaliated on the business typical of collective Punishment. They did the same thing to Napa Auto Parts in Redlands are slowly collapsing Wells Fargo for the same reason.

Paranoid is a mental health issue. I do not have a mental health problem. The use of this word among radical liberals is an attempt to trigger the public’s fear of information that identifies city/county leadership with fraternal motivated racketeering and fraud directed at sabotaging the rule of law, the public be damned.

We received a written wet works response from San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Internal Affairs that was forwarded to DA Mike Ramos that will eventually present on Mayor Davis the record of which will likewise be available to California DOJ. I wonder if he’ll close the sheriff’s department as a form of collective punishment?

What they are practiced in doing is the extrajudicial execution in which the police officer is vindicated but what occult engineered project pays damages to the victim’s surviving relatives. This is premeditated murder and a form of human trafficking for torture, but the insouciant public transfixed on the knobby feces covered phallus of Jeff Epstein, Mr. Dingle, will never connect the dots.

Summary judgement is a statist mechanism for retaliation and control the prevalence of which in San Bernardino County is prolific.




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SKIRTS and the Inevitable Consequence of Pathological Stupidity

Imagine being intentionally conceived via SKIRTS, under circumstances so horrific a mother would suicide if she could, and is subsequently sacrificed at birth. The fetus is handed off to a midwife then surrogate and raised under an assumed identity. Since the child is black mass, he’s believed to be soulless, which he’s not really, but this build’s mystique and complexity in the production.

At some point in the future this child, now an adult, is informed about his trauma birth and who his mother was which contravenes everything he’s been taught about morality and such, that to disclose this to the public he will lose everything his SL/Satanic sponsors provided. The example given is Jimmy Fallon whose father was HB Lee and Bill Clinton whose mother was Constanze Manzairly.

We have an ONA cohort here in Redlands that was initiated on the remote 1947 ritual slaying of Elizabeth Short and presided over by Joseph F. Smith what Illuminated cohorts were Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Wells, Earnest Hemingway and then local administrative alpha, George Hodel, all shielded by Scottish Rite administration, Hodel currently being kited as Joseph Smith in LDS Archives.

Redlands has a 2.7 mile geocartographic of the ONA logo. It’s like a death compass, those who are sacrificed by elite Scottish Rite Freemasons and LDS identified with this thing via ley lines used in it’s construction.

Cheri Jo Bates, Don Demeulle, Corinna Novice, Sylvia Marie Flores, the black Madonna, they are all featured in the construction of this Satanic nightmare the local culture of which totally oblivious to it. People flee this information like they would the plague. They have a “Jesus saves” mentality, and no matter who you talk to, they don’t believe it, it doesn’t make sense, leadership would never do this. If it’s real, let Jesus handle it. God BLESS America!

This is an arrested state of development, local elite very much the example of the state of mind of Illuminati ideologue utopians and schemers, the public alternatively predisposed to being disengaged or lacking responsibility for throwing them off. Good lord, Common Core will be the undoing of intelligence in education, again, people here of the opinion Redlands Unified would never do such a thing too their children. Since when does Baphomet care about children? You can’t fix stupid!

“Magick”= political coercion, the magician, or Rex, held in high esteem for this person’s preeminence as an absolute sociopath only, and not because s/he possess the ability to walk through walls, but because they are so motivated to do terrible things to people to get to their coveted inner circle of occult preeminence typical of predators.

We have several of these in San Bernardino, three of whom are Sheriff John McMahon whose Illuminati code name is “Honchoman 2”, DA Mike Ramos and black mass product of 1951 abduction victim Beverly Potts and David O. McKay, Mayor R. Carey Davis. The public on this? As Paul Craig Roberts so adeptly puts it, Americans are beyond insouciant. What he is saying is Americans are beyond help, and they have put themselves there in a pathological funk with denial.

I have as much an aversion to extortion, racketeering and fraud as a sadistic psychopath has a desire to torturing animals, blowing people up, or sitting in some corner of their home masturbating watching one’s wife screw the neighbor’s husband. People like me have little value in the mainstream where people are automatic on their insouciant disposition to dismiss these demons out of mind knowing what they do and doing nothing to stop them.

So, Redlands has it’s little shops and Bistros, a country-esque home town feel and a reputation as one of San Bernardino’s oldest and most respected communities, and Illuminati sociopaths who rule here their annual SKIRTS renditions for breeding these elite devils.

Illuminati can rationally say they are giving the public what it wants, because no one is lifting a finger to stop them. The correct idea is agreement by default.

They also telegraph encrypted what they are doing so that later there is no misunderstanding that the public was not informed such as is the case of the statue of Moroni that was placed atop the Redlands temple and San Bernardino’s Victor Valley walking talking scale replicax of the knobby feces covered phallus of Jeff Epstein, Mr. Dingle.

The public will never come to an understanding about their daily viewing of the variation on the theme of Baphomet at the intersection of 5th and Wabash what response to this information was demonstrated recently by a local adult resident who broke out in giggling and laughter when being informed about this that Moroni= the former.

Beyond the pseudo security of the state, and completely out of touch with reality, SKIRTS black mass is the inevitable consequence of self-willing stupidity, predators like Honchoman 2 ready to triangulate (owl), stalk (snake) or ambush (lion) the disappearance of loved ones at a population rate of two per year disquised as domestic kidnappings. In Hell, yes. In A cicilized society, this is fiscouraged by the rule of law.

This may come as a shock to the simple minded public, but Illuminati statists do not follow the rule of law. SURPRISE, dumbfuks!

The purpose of such macabre is resourcing solidarity pledging and SKIRTS black mass in full view of the public (Moroni/Baphomet) shielded from accountability by Scottish Rite and LDS elite more commonly understood to be Illuminati, or locally the Order of the Nine Angels and SABRA Lodge 13.

You can inform people the that Lewis Carrol was Jack the Ripper, his black mass son via Mary Ann Nichols TE Lawrence, that the Zodiac was Bertram Feinstein, that Pete Wilson was the alpha on Polly Klass, Cheri Jo Bates DNA used to clone two persons of renown, and people will fade from the conversation in laughter as though they are being entertained, which in the macabre theater of the Illuminati: they are, and they are LOVIN’ it in a denial funk with this devil.


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Scottish Rite/LDS (SL) Treachery

re What is your problem with the Mormon church? Don’t you think if they were doing all the stuff you accuse them of the police would stop them?

First, the most obvious way to begin to understand LDS corruption as an anti Christ magic show is to make a visual comparison between the Moroni statue that adorns every Mormon temple throughout the world and Baphomet. These are one and the same, LDS elite radically predisposed to homosexuality masquerading heterosexual, and they covet androgynous males (priesthood fraternity) and females (Relief Society sorority) alike.

Next, LDS elite control the police, DA and Mayor via their bifurcated administrative cohort, Scottish Rite Freemasons, every one of these in San Bernardino a human trafficking product of their stateside eugenics operations. Such a partnership was engineered to shield the former from either detection or prosecution for their crimes involving human trafficking for torture.

They also suppress community oversight, so these land pirates operate a thoroughly managed human trafficking syndicate in the backdrop of what is otherwise a pretty stupid public.

If you ever watched 1994 Stargate, there’s a scene in this movie where Col Jack O’Neil has an open shot at the alien responsible for enslavement of mankind (SKIRTS black mass) but is prevented from taking it by children who surround and protect him. Alien guards (police) then subdue O’Neil and toss him in a gulag with other members if his reconnaissance team.

Figure rank and file Mormons are the children in this scene, any LDS president the alien. This is how LDS elite operate. They are evil as hell all the while surrounding themselves with child-minded RF LDS who have no clue about their exploitation and absolutely no ambition to understand this. LDS do not matriculate people who think into their organization.

Regarding your question re police:

Police organizations do the same thing. There wasn’t an honest cop in San Bernardino at the time of the Flores slaying, the placement of her body in an occult SLC that networked this horrific crime with the Redlands temple and Melchizedek Finchy School in Palm Springs.

Police recruitment profiles scum for hiring during the interview process the same way Freemason elite identify and recruit, and even breed, their anti Christ leadership, an example of which is Mayor Carey Davis.

This researcher possess a written encrypted wet works death threat from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Internal Affairs that is currently sitting on DA Mike Ramos’ desk being ignored, because he, too, is a part of the corruption.

Back to Stargate, the alien guard is both police and military and a willingly subordinate to alien authority the consequence for task failure a torturous death, which in the case of local police is the death of one of their own by example, and there are lots of examples.

Police training includes cursory forensics the double bind of which pancakes their intelligence when one goes down during a training event or on patrol, and not one of them covers this with a forensic. Had San Bernardino PD or sheriff followed through on correctly perceiving Demeulle’s 1986 death and telegraphed this to the public, Redlands never would have lost Corinna Novis, this deputies SL engineered retention sacrifice, which by the way doubled as Sheriff John McMahon’s initiation.

Last, My problem is not singularly with the predatory human trafficking for torture Mormon elite but dually with LDS bifurcated engagement with criminal racketeering cohort, Scottish Rite Freemasons. These two are fraternally linked to French Revolution Illuminati spy, William Wickham, and team Anacharsis Cloots et al, in one of the most prolific Genesis 6:2 breeding campaigns on the planet, cattle not excluded.

A public identified with insouciance and lack of ordinary care make all of this possible, which is not to be misunderstood with people’s natural winningness to be exploited. What is happening is people having acculturated a lifestyle, they have simultaneously released the ability to think placing them behind a Judas goat administration that is fleecing them of their human dignity the point of which is their economic and political enslavement to ideologues.

The “stuff” Mormon elite are being accused of are constitutional domestic terrorism crimes the consequence for ignoring this the annual celebration of the Satanic Fire Ritual – upon which this anti Christ organization was founded – at the public’s expense. This is where SB227 came from, Scottish Rite Freemasons eager to press child sacrifice into the mainstream masquerading noble cause vaccinations that in reality kill 6:1000 infants vaccinated and is medically assisted child sacrifice.

There are two operating systems these demons use to coerce public acculturation to these macabre circumstances: 1) corrupt to control, which is how they install leadership, and 2) divide and conquer, their community radical activism operation that is perpetrated by SABRA linked Shin Bet cells throughout US.

THIS in the Mormon church, my invitation to take this up personally with Thomas Monson proof at my end that I can argue with this devil on the issue of human trafficking over his involvement in the abductions of Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner, my having brought this up the reason the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department issued their recent wet works death threat…

… You stupid son of a bitch.

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