re the Devil has come…



Con> Inverse Morality> Shock and Awe> Rendition in perpetuity.

Con= Devil
Inverse Morality= Satan
Shock and Awe= Old Scratch <US is here
Rendition= Baal

Devil> Satan> Old Scratch> Baal

Any one of these should get such a monster routed, the US STUPID w/2nd chances. Devil to Baal, you’re getting passed off to the next entity application in perpetuity, Americans in a pathological victim state of mind that has NO basis in reality.

What I’m saying is we’re passed the devil and looking Old Scratch in the eye. Not only do you NOT know how this works, like most Americans, you do not understand that a victim mentality is as much an issue with psychopathy as is the absolute psychopath, and the dynamic is assured by engineered crisis strategy mind splitting.

We have two choices in character: reason and reprobate. A lot of people get around this playing the field of possible permutations of six interactive features of conscience. The idea is they get to play with power and visibility as pseudologia with no actual or meaningful impact on the change process that is engulfing them.

People don’t think. They are literal minded, and when put upon to process reality, they scatter.  Too much information.  All such a person wanted to do in the first place was feel good about saying something, then get drunk.

re the Devil has come, the devil has come and gone. Allow me to introduce you to Old Scratch.

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