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Divine Protocol/Metric Demon

DIVINE PROTOCOL Cell existence and differentiation produces different parts of the body in various life forms, replication, maintenance and catalyzing, performed via DNA, RNA and proteins. DNA is highly stable and responsible for long term storage and self replication. RNA … Continue reading

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Defending Utah/Latter Day CON-servative

Latter Day Conservative is an LDS journo founded in 2005 and according to this organization’s Facebook page promotes the principles of Liberty Gospel of Jesus Christ. This LDS propaganda media claims to possess an avid interest in the Federalist Papers, … Continue reading

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Community META_X Group Forming Synopsis San Bernardino/Redlands Areas. Confronting DA/Sheriff administrative coven. High risk, features administrative TI, retaliation, SKIRTS, death threats, profiling, deputy stalking people as game, etc. San Bernardino County is highly active in human trafficking and kidnapping for … Continue reading

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