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Moloch and Baphomet

Journal re PHILIP JONES 24NOV2016 1 This journal is edited from the origional shared with Henry Makow 24 November 2016 in response to his narrative describing the “honey pot” seduction and subsequent death of Phillip Jones. _______ 2 Soldierly fellow, Phillip … Continue reading

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LDS Occult Symbolism/Baphomet/San Bernardino

Mormon apologists are going to have a tough time dismissing this on their notorious mistake and misunderstanding thesis. Baphomet appears at least twice in LDS symbolism. Moroni is a representation of this effigy (lacks male genitalia; numeric encryption= Baphomet). Mormon … Continue reading

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Ted Alejandre

Have you ever talked to a snake? Did you know a snake has a natural smile? Try talking to a snake sometime. You will notice the tongue periodically issues from it’s closed mouth, the thing looking back at you… smiling. … Continue reading

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San Bernardino a Fool’s Paradise/Goliath

Correct publication date is 21 January 2016. It goes without saying what adversity does not destroy you will make you stronger. San Bernardino is no exception to the concept of a fool’s paradise. To clarify, please give attention to the … Continue reading

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San Bernardino Public Insouciance= Sanctuary City in the Making

Public Insouciance is taking down San Bernardino, predatory government installing itself knowing there will be no resistance in this God forsaken Drac’s lair. Scottish Rite/LDS fraternal linked networks are racketeering a collapse of city management infrastructure removing principled leadership and … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of San Bernardino City Administration

DISTRICT ATTORNEY MIKE RAMOS Case study on the abduction alone is classic MAG/SLC. Potts abduction forms a three point straight line cartographic with the LDS temple/Mason Lodge in Kirtland at 23.9 (5) miles TDC Potts residence at 11304 Linnet Avenue … Continue reading

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