Addiction+ Shock and Awe= Cool, Man

Narcissism has as it’s tap root into the dark side of the human conscience, fear. Bang on this, and people naturally fall into a helplessness funk where the more convincing they are about their pain the more service they are likely to get to relieve it. Munchhausen’s is a type of “programmed” helplessness where, although this is not considered narcissism, it is in fact some individual’s attempt at playing the charismatic, although such individuals are more aptly PTS.

Twitter is overwhelmed by Munchhausen’s, America wailing and feigning it’s alleged injuries with the left wing, the right wing coveting it’s addictions unwilling to release these to save itself. People feel the damage, and they Twitter or some other social networking scheme to dump their personal responsibility for salvation on some poor fool that takes to the streets to avenge one party or the other. This cycle is self perpetuating. will America wake up?

America’s not asleep. This nation is doing avoidance in the same malevolent venue as the monsters who are destroying it, the US “contained” as it were by it’s addiction to fast food, sex/abortion and entertainment 24/7. This is the stuff that’s doing you, and you are faking injury for a rescue so you can KEEP ON DOING IT, which is pathology. American’s are natural gamblers. Maybe someone will sacrifice all so they can keep this up. The odds are very low.

I posted this to Twitter this morning and was immediately suspended, but this is NOT the sole reason they did this. The one about Oprah got me suspended, but they wouldn’t do me for THAT one in particular because it redirects to Twitter’s involvement in the occult.

This morning:

Message to America: HELPLESSNESS IS CHARISMATIC INFANTILE/VICTIM NARCISSISM. Let go of your debauch addictions, or go down complaining SNS.

SNS= social networking sites.

Why censor the truth? Because to realize one actually has control over these circumstances is a threatening proposition for people who want you to remain ignorant. Right now you’re being psychologically trained on predictive programming, many of the crisis going off across the US staged to warm you up to much worse circumstances so you won’t fight back. Your first response should have been SDF, but you don’t HAVE this: however, you DO have lots of fast food, sex/abortion and entertainment, and they want you to remain addicted to distract you so you won’t fight back.

Debauch dulls the mind, folks, plain and simple. You’re choice to be helpless is just that. You’re flagging, because it’s cool or it makes you look good which you imagine will trigger some Armageddon that makes you personally a big big hero. You Tweeted your salvation. You did your part. Then you go right back to your Big Mack, your neighbor’s old lady and your black market collection of DVD’s.

Figure you are busy with all of this and all of a sudden you read a theater’s been shot up, school’s been attacked, or a helpless old man beaten to death by a gang of punks, media seemingly oblivious to the details and your LPA completely mystified how this could happen in the first place. You organize, hold midnight candlelight prayer vigil and sell rubber wrist bands. You’ve done your part. Shock and awe juxtaposed upon your addictions is… cool, man. You Twitter LOL LOL (hyperbole). It’s over. Crash and burn baby.

WHY ME! Because you didn’t fight back, idiot. You DID however do the PC “THANKS FOR THE FOLLOW”… cool, man!

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