Twitter Censorship/Alex Jones

At the request of Alex Jones sponsor, GNC, & Mark Levine, Twitter has censored the following from the Twitter message board:


All of these educate about RADICAL LIBERALISM. Jones/Levine don’t want you educated about radical liberalism, so neither does Twitter.

If Jones is all about TRUTH, then why is he pulling a power move with a social networking media that is supposedly free of censorship? Likewise, con-con Levine is calling for a constitutional convention that certain kinds of information identify him too involved in provocateuring an unwilling public.

Alex Jones having linked himself to domestic insurgent Adam Kokesh, a GNC provocateur fraud, he’s trying to frame bridge American gullibility to a psychopath, Twitter greasing the cute by censoring information that would help to prevent this. Keep you stupid. In other words, “they” are using Twitter as a platform to attempt to promote an insurrection.

Obama said Americans are stupid, and this is an example of what he was talking about. They don’t see the subtlety or detail in the politics and are easily conned.

John Betts @JohnFromCranber
Dark Days in #America: A US President issuing Executive Orders that unconstitutionally circumvent Congress. – 16 Aug

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