Twitter Tau: Act stupid or leave!

Twitter censors anything that comes up numbers on Obama’s involvement in crime. You can Tweet just about anything, but do something that predicts one of his notorious occult murder events, and WHAM! Account suspended. 14 times here.

This social networking site isn’t too concerned with human life as it is with sustaining a marketable IPO image to make lots and lots of money. Isn’t that the problem in Washington? Aren’t we experiencing collapse of domestic and economic infrastructures in a political environment that protects the buck ahead of thinking about human life? Ever think of yourself and a herd animal? Twitter does!

Twitter had the potential of being one of the strongest networking sites on the planet. John Kerry himself complained that it was making “politics” damn near impossible in DC. Kerry’s one of the sickest minds in Washington. Isn’t that the point of it? Exposure?

Many intelligent sources are laying it out in reality: The Obama administration likes to kill people, in particular children. Team Obama portrays itself bound to alternative policies that not only circumvent the rule of law, they BLATANTLY defy Americans to challenge this behavior, the American learning curve to cope with this a vertical ascent with no end in sight, just up! Mark the path through this hellish forest and you can forget about a Twitter lifeline to reality. Twitter cuts it off!

Twitter moderators are a part of the game. You got to Kowtow to some pervert’s “sensibility” that can be read in the Twilight Zone only and is rarely connected to TOS issues. Twitter’s become as phony as Facebook. The current suspension: #KevinAnnettfx.

Suspension worthy message board tweet narratives according to Twitter:


[Is the] US on alert with #KevinAnnett & research into monarchy child sacrifice? NOPE! Too busy with Ronald McDonald, Margaret Sanger & Miley Cyrus.

Child sacrifice is the big cover up in DC.

What aught to be a #1 priority for the US is ignored because Americans have been acculturated to CHILD SAC via shock and awe.

CHILD SACRIFICE, America. It’s real, and it’s happening in the US via SSO pledging in DC.

Obama ate dog. Dog is children in the occult. He TOLD you what he does, America having gone #FullRetardfx to avoid this.

HORRIFIC Child Sacrifice.

How do you deal with the reality that the QE has been picking off children for lunch since she herself was a child?

Into, through and beyond, America. QE is an affiliate of Barack Obama. You think he’s ignorant? Are you that naive?

Why do you think [congress] is entrenched with Rad Liberalism? Pledged politicians are under threat for redaction in perpetuity.

What do you think abortion is in the US? You think it’s a health issue? It’s child sacrifice.

[Canadian] authorities permitted the monarchy free rein over the indigenous. Children were SKIRTS victims like they are in the US.

Obama’s 2008 acceptance speech was commemorated on the SKIRTS abductions of EIGHT female victims from the delta region.

Scary, isn’t it? You don’t know because you don’t care. You care about fast food, abortion and degenerate entertainment.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Obama’s famous 2008 7 times repeated YES WE CAN was a Satanic incantation. The cipher was 911/33.

The signature on the delta region abductions (XI-U, eight female victims) was 911/33.

TBI fusion center was notified April 23 2011 giving DHS/DOJ an opportunity to stop this before it reached the last 3 victims.

They gave you O’s phony Bin Laden cap instead layering this with Schwarzenegger, Strauss-Kahn, Utoya, London Riots & OWS.

All of this was shock and awe to prevent YOU from perceiving their macabre rendition scheme. These women were sacrificed.

These women were sacrificed while America pleasured itself on Ronald McDonald, Margaret Sanger and degenerate entertainment.

ALEX JONES astroturfed one of their sacrifice events at Chantilly Marriott, America in the wings ha ha ha pee.

Did you know the PATRIOT Act and NDAA were written to facilitate SKIRTS abductions in the US?

OBAMA COMMEMORATIVE XI-U VICTIMS 1- 4: Crystal Hall, Brittany Drexel, Megan Maxwell, Paige Johnson.

OBAMA COMMEMORATIVE XI-U VICTIMS 5-8: Holly Bobo, Lauren Spierer, Katelyn Markham, Karen Swift.

Harry Reid? The May 26 Heaven night club Mexico city abductions were commemorative on the death of Francis Monson.

Doesn’t work for you, does it America? I have NEWS for YOU! Natalie Holloway and Robyn Gardner were perped FOR Thomas Monson!

Do you know what a matrix abduction is? TBI does and this entity is GOOD at it.

Twitter not only censored a forensic expose on one of the most horrific crimes known to man, this macabre social networking site blocks this information on command from GNC and Alex Jones. There’s only one explanation. Twitter is a part of it. Twitter is a covert function of SKIRTS and will help normalize these sadistic and horrific circumstances to help shield the perps from public awareness.

THAT’S Twitter! Another macabre social networking playground for the elite. A function of QE take’m and stake’m child sacrifice with the public none the wiser due to censorship. A Satanic slip and slide of giggling and laughter the ghoulish presentation of which is the Twitter logo itself, the Tau.

Funny, clever, witty? Yes. Reality, no, unless it’s the NEW alternative bought and paid for media that’s fallen into the same funk with corporate interests as the mainstream has. End game: the new rules are the same as the old rules. Act stupid, or leave.

#14 issued on a forensic tweet that this particular 13 September 2013 is a Tau3. Twitter moderators picked this off right away. #KevonAnnettfx+ Tau3= Twitter exposure, the beast stripped of it’s cloak as it were, and Twitter immediately jumped on this with a suspension.

Twitter doesn’t tell you why you were suspended except a “queenly” one size fits all execution of your account: “This account was suspended for sending multiple unsolicited messages…” Reality is these Tweets are originating from Twitter’s own messaging system.

Your Tweets are unsolicited if you Tweet, period. That’s their shield against reality, fantasy, which is a function of macabre social networking. There ARE no rules except to stop certain kinds of information from reaching the public, for example Obama’s preoccupation with CHILD SACRIFICE and the system that been created to permit him to do this with help from his administration and law enforcement entities that were supposed to have protected the American public.

Obama and his crony administration is a cohort of absolute and professional psychopaths. Why would Twitter want to shield him from exposure unless this media was a part of it?

They brag openly about their criminal exploits over a pharmaceutically senseless American public via occult signatures embedded in the crimes they commit. These crimes are engineered using numerology and cartography, and forensic crypto numerology busts them.

The Twitter logo itself is Tau, people truly ignorant they are being cultivated in one of the biggest sacrifice events of our day, ONE MASSIVE WICKER MAN making it’s way into the future all the while Americans, afflicted with victim psychopathy, are being baited along the Twitter path to ha ha ha pee ness oblivion. No? FUKUSHIMA, dumb fucks!


Your 18 month old is playing on the patio one afternoon. You standing near her hear the phone ring and step inside to answer it. You take three steps inside, pick it up, and three steps back through the sliding glass door. She’s gone.

You immediately call the police who cordon off the area and spend the next 24 hours interviewing your neighbors, you slowly falling apart in the process.

LPA best guess, she crawled off. They don’t know for sure and turn it over to the FBI who sends you a letter they have your case and are researching it to learn what happened to your daughter.

Thirteen months pass you haven’t heard a word form the FBI, and they are not responding to your letters, in fact YOU are now suspect in your own child’s disappearance.

The abduction was January 1. You get a letter in the mail February 14 the following year they found your child’s remains.  Bear in mind January 1 to February 14 the following year is 409 days, but you don’t know this. You’re grief stricken.

Your child has been SKIRTED via the PATRIOT act and NDAA, but you don’t know this either. You don’t even know what these are. You’ve heard about them, but they were supposed to have been anti terrorism legislation, right?

FACTS: Your child disappeared during a phone call where the caller hung up as you were answering the phone. The Perp, standing on your own back yard and watching your daughter, carried her off soon as you turned your back.

It was your neighbor, a cloud perp, but you don’t know anything about this either. Neighbor knows the cop. Cop knows the politician that “purchased” the victim. This is a FPO/FFO network, but you’re stupid as hell, because you grew up watching BARNEY.

This child was “exported” to a location where she was used in a ritual human sacrifice to commemorate some political event on an occult calendar. We are talking reality and the pseudo science of occult government.

The raptor was a felon recruited by a handler who answers to an SSO politician. The transport was facilitated by a police asset who was very likely one of the officers who made an appearance at the crime scene. Protocol? The Patriot Act and NDAA.

409 days=13, but you don’t know about this either, because the Bible teaches you that numerology is bad and to understand it is devil worship.

In this macabre Twilight Zone scenario, Felons are misunderstood, rogue police are your friends and Satanic politicians your leaders. You’ve bought into this Drac domestic paradigm, and your bliss has been rewarded with prolific child sacrifice Drac, Barack Obama.

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU, AMERICA? Simple answer. your addictions to pharmatoxic fast food, wild and uninhibited sex and degenerate entertainment is more important to you than your own families.

Are you aware Drac legislature, Jerry Brown, is stripping California of it’s 2nd amendment rights? Why do you think he’s doing this? What do you think would happen if lazy sedated population in this state fully realized he too is SKIRTING for entertainment and to strengthen and reaffirm his Satanic pledge to his SSO bosses? No?

Brown is signing legislation today that will revoke access to public records, his explanation to defend this the idea that certain entities will chose not to follow this law anyway. Then why have it? Because embedded in certain records is documentation of events and activities that corroborate occult rendition, and they do not want you to have this information, nor do they intend to stop.

You do independent research on the abduction and learn your child’s remains were “discovered” 13 miles to the foot from your home in a filed adjacent business address 1313 Colem Street. You spend the next 12 months learning Colem= 13 in the occult. You’ve Satanized learning numerology, and your neighbors and coworkers are growing skeptical as you once were about your behavior. You start reaching out, but people agitate. you’re alone.

Richard Allen Davis was a Bowtie raptor. So was Ted Bundy. There are 100s of others. One of their new recruits is Mexico/US collaboration raptor Pedro Vicente Aguirre. Impossible, eh? You stupid fuckers. It’s not only possible, they’ve been doing this in the US since 1888.

Americans are the happy idiot culture of the universe. “THEY” have rewritten the Bill of Rights, dear Simple Jack reader, America’s knowledge of this subordinated to McDonald’s menus, Margaret Sanger appointments and Miley Cyrus performances!

Planet earth, Baby! Madness precipitated by a collective desire to eat, fuck and party 24.7! HOORAH!

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