@Twitter: #$%^$%**!

Twitter did me again. What’s the point? Someone didn’t like my opinion, so the jerk spammed me. Twitter just automatically blindly obliges whoever wants to play God. Believe it or not, it was someone alleging to be strongly committed to Christianity. I remember the argument, origin if the bible and such. Someone named NerosRevenge.

Let’s go there, Mr. Nero.

Your bible was authored 325 CE by the council of Nicaea, and Constantine was the 1st Christian war lord. Now lets take a look behind the Christianity masks of Greek theater, tragedy and comedy.


Virtually EVERY radical liberal politician is a Christian, and yet their prime directive is acculturation to at will matrix SKIRTS renditions in the US via PATRIOT Act & NDAA. It’s not just a Christian control dynamic. It’s a perverse preoccupation with sex, torture, rape and sacrifice of children which drives the UK’s repatriation agenda.

Of course there is a lot going on around this, but this is the negative core of the Christian radical liberal. Ted Bundy was Methodist. Wonderful people, Methodists.

There is a natural tendency toward sociopathy in the human genome, and it is cultivated via debauchery masked good and faithful Christian. DC uses this to recruit, train and commit it’s repatriation agenda, and the US is fucked if people do not open up to the reality that this is happening.

People are pathological with denial hoping this will go away, and the demonstration of this is the Christian midnight candlelight prayer vigil. It’s not going away. Sociopath Christian radical liberal politicians have to control, and people are acculturating to this via increasing tolerance to inverse morality and seditious legislation. Christians are doing this.

Yes our elected our elected CHRISTIAN law making body is doing this, and rather than recalling them immediately when caught (lying and number of other unethical deeds), America is doing moral finger wagging and second chances.

What is this? Pseudologia. What is motivating people to be willing to accommodate this? Christian addiction to food, sex/abortion and an endless flow of entertainment, or Fantastica. What is the model that promotes these circumstances? Fabian Socialism, or Fabiana, hence Pseudologia Fantastica Fabiana, formerly the US.

Fact is Christians love to bullshit others about their alleged faith in God all the while they are committing some of the most horrific crimes known to man, and when they get caught they continue to bullshit for forgiveness putting one’s conscience to sleep and aggrandizing a narcissistic desire for power and visibility via one’s damaged ego.

We argue on christian viability and solvency with SDF. How do you deal with this? Well, since state leadership has engaged constitutional transformation via repatriation and is denying SDF, BOYCOTT! America is financing this project doing business with the entities that are at the core of social degradation.

The FUCK HEAD that spammed me doesn’t want to hear this. It’s too real and competitive with Christian fantasy that one can pray for and achieve salvation all the while engaging a degenerative lifestyle that begs constantly for fast food, sex/abortion and entertainment. These crazy folks have the best of TWO worlds. They’ve got a God and a grab bag of full of crap that stinks to high heaven and claim to have no idea where the smell is coming from.

@Dumbfuck Christian, you can’t reasonably complain you’re being abused if you’re paying for it patronizing the enterprises that corrupted you in the first place. These things are incompatible with a constitutional republic anyway. Oh yeah, we have a constitution. Huh. Yep, plain and simple as the dirty nose on your face.

We know corrupt politicians are this way for life. EVEN THE CORRUPT CHRISTIAN POLITICIANS. They do not correct under threat of death for their redaction in perpetuity in exchange for unchecked access to drugs, money and sex, okay. Christians every one of them, and you are NOT going to moralize the beast.

In reality, morality checks YOU so they can exploit you for whatever purpose they have engineered to aggrandize their perverted desire fuck children, kill people and blow things up, again every one of them claiming to be good Christians.

Debauchery is a constant of repatriation, and coerced sex and human sacrifice is the motivation for this. That’s it, and these good Christians are throwing everything at you to diffuse the public’s ability to perceive this. You’re telling me Jesus has an interest here on your prayer. HAHAHA <I am laughing in your face.

In closing, always recall a corrupt politician no matter how trivial this individual’s behavior might seem. They follow a four point protocol and will never give ground once identified: con, double bind, shock and awe and rendition. You don’t correct this with prayers Thursday night and watching movies depicting SKIRTS the next. If I were Jesus in these circumstances, I would ignore you outright in perpetuity.

Catch such a person in a lie, and they individual is going to take it all the way to rendition regardless of any moralistic agreement this monster pledges to salvation. Not happening, and neither is your own salvation for YOUR contribution putting such an individual in office in the first place.

In a nutshell, go to hell. I was saved at 15 and strongly identify with my savior, Jesus Christ, which is quite a bit different than YOUR savior some variation thereof. I know for a fact Christianity has been lost to a soulless degenerate population that LIVES and BREATHES debauchery behind the mask of tragedy. Tragedy because it’s a con, and the person behind the mask is leading others to believe this is correct behavior.


While you may appear to be winning on the surface, be assured we are NOT running the same race. You got the spam button. I got an opportunity to do you with philosophy, and I will remind you about this daily with this missive and the opportunity to remind you of your gullibility knowing that you are trying to laugh this off and having some difficulty transitioning between theatrical presentation, you fucking fraud.


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