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LDS Ley Line Construction of TI Rendition Matrix/Deputy Roxyanne Allee (COMPOSITE)


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Baphomet and the Mormon Church

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The San Bernardino County Logo From Hell

What they are doing is when they take and sacrifice a child or adult, they will likewise clone the victim’s DNA to an alternative astrological manifestation conquering the Divine as it were to prove their superiority over the planet. Such … Continue reading

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Main Street

The CSDR is the mechanism for elite LDS solidarity pledging. SKIRTS is their mechanism for replacing mainstream population with their black mass bloodlines breeder box bred from abduction victims an example of which is Beverly Potts (1951). Potts was bred … Continue reading

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Foundation (DRAFT)

FOUNDATION For clarification, Foundation= radical administration competitive with the founders’ character driven constitutional republic. The easy way to understand this is Founders assembled government base on analysis and reason, Foundation it’s antithesis, chaos and irrationality, or the equivalent of the … Continue reading

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David O. McKAy/Beverly Potts Bloodline

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Beverly Potts/LDS Eve Breeder

This is beyond ordinary comprehension and so convoluted it’s not surprising the public has entrenched in idiocy, people not to shield themselves via willful stupidity surely otherwise too overwhelmed with macabre to have at least a minimally normal life. Nonetheless, … Continue reading

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