halabbaK/yrnosameerF/SDL Pathology

lds pathology

One could spend a lifetime studying the process through which Judaism has manifest supremacy over the entire planet. My mind is used up on education, but this phenomenon is nonetheless a compelling case study in cabal hatred.

Freemasonry is a grotesque organization that manufactures tyranny via one of this entities Orion righteous demons less crafty than just highly organized on group-think, gaslighting and triptych propaganda.

This far into the game, and we’re talking team Judah at this since Akhenaten, people need the easy to read version of the problem to empower them to put the brakes on this monster ride into oblivion.

These are notes, but they get the point across with enough information for the reader to confirm and get a grip on reality.

Blue Lodge
trinkets and status

People attract to the Freemasons seeking monolithic unity and are by and large fairly average and of good character. They enjoy fraternal fellowship with an organization that at this level presents philanthropic and humanitarian. Many remain with the Blue Lodge for their entire lifetimes. These individuals receive badges, trinkets and status for their participation. Union and such are Blue Lodge affiliates.

Blue Lodge is the Mason shield and lays a foundation of truth upon which is built an institution of lies and macabre domestic infrastructure the best description of which is perversion, examples of which follow.


Mason colleges Scottish Rite and York Rite lofted with Adam Weishaupt’s international movement which was initiated in 1776 making it appear as though Illuminati had something to do with the founders.

Although the founders were Masons, they were also separatists and in no way affiliated with an international movement that would eventually present on the US public bifurcated via Scottish Rite and Mormo church and commemorated on human sacrifice via Mountain Meadows.

The founders did not set up the constitution to railroad a Christian wagon train to it’s untimely fate in a meeting with the LDS 27 years in the making the outcome of which was written off as a mistake and misunderstanding in the official record, this event leaving an indelible 1700 mile geocartographic lightening bolt dot to dot Kirtland to Nauvoo to Independence to Mountain Meadows.

At Mountain Meadows, once subdued and conned away from their protective wagon train enclosure, In keeping with Tubal Cain Vulcania mission creep, Christians were led to locations separating men women and children and subsequently slaughtered like animals, children under the age of 8 taken by Mormo families to raise as their own, which is slavery. LDS raided what was left of the property of these people and shared it among their community at the spoils of war in the same manner Israel is currently taking Palestine. Same process.

The Mason colleges and LDS church were written and published in France during the French Revolution, writer and publisher guillotined to completely destroy the evidence that the LDS church was in fact a psyop campaign to penetrate and remove Protestant Christianity from the US mainstream. The Baptist church was created for the same purpose 1600 but failed to achieve this goal.

LDS elite are covertly involved in many US debauchery projects, Planned Parenthood for example, the purpose of which is deconstruction of mainstream intelligence. Other examples are: 1) Scottish Rite/LDS elite perp three thousand Eve abductions annually in the US, 2) are responsible for the 25 May 2015 Heaven Night Club massacre in Mexico City, 3) recently perped the 20 February 2016 bald eagle kill in Maryland retaliatory on this information reaching the public, and 4) may also have been involved in the 25 February 2016 disappearance of Richard Goff.

Scottish Rite Masons are paedo and material resources predators and are rewarded via same for their leadership participation in deconstruction of the public will.

Esoteric Masons
CSDR/Black Mass

Esoteric Masons are 33rd through 90th degrees and are CSDR solidarity pledged to the Mason METRIC in perpetuity.

LDS who give up their personal resources when called to service by Mormo corporate are esoteric Masons. Many in US congress are also esoteric Masons.

These are practiced full spectrum METRIC psychopaths (victim, narcissist, charismatic, distemper, compensated, absolute) and pledge solidarity by torturing, raping, sacrificing and eating an infant. They are also black mass bulls and will service SKIRTS Eves the purpose of which are the production of sentimental bred bloodlines.

H. B. Hinckley spoke to the issue of black mass encrypted in his 1999 Mountain Meadows commemorative in which he telegraphed black mass via straight line cartographic linked to Montserrat.


Masons don’t promote character. They recruit population from the mainstream and systematically identify, advance and place scoundrels in positions of leadership the point of which is deconstruction of intelligence. They laugh at people who are otherwise bright who nonetheless fail to shield themselves from Mason prevarication involving their notorious HRS triptych, core OS a fraternal brotherhood that has mastered land pirating via immensely racketeered and fraudulent political and religious systems.


We are all aware of how a con artist works. Such a person lies. You believe the lie and end up getting fleeced. Like it or not, most religious humanitarian projects work this way; they are successful, because such individuals claim to talk directly to the deity we wonder most about, God, such a conversation falsely beleived will open the doors of heaven.

Luke 17: 20- 21 KJB 20 And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: 21 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

If the Kingdom of Heaven is within, Judah is not the gate keeper. One’s own character, or a conscious application of the will, is. We are too eager for snake oil, and in this case place confidence in the very entity we know good and well is a fraud.

Judaism uses a very simple mechanism to persuade an audience to walk itself into oblivion falsely believing the guide is some sacred monitor of the Divine. In fact, wherever they are able to do this, the targeted population has merely undergone deconstruction of intelligence, lost it’s ability to perceive reality and ends up being slaughtered, treason leadership included.

This is their Hijack Triptych:

Con Establish a simple and highly secretive superiority identity within a religious/humanitarian cabal.

Double Bind Penetrate outlier targeted groups for control with scalawag indigenous leadership willing to serve cabal interests and shadow.

Radical Activism Set a membership interval METRIC performance standard and reward compliance with debauchery.

Judaism is the cabal, it’s humanitarian identity the Freemasons. Outlier groups are societies where Freemasons have penetrated government and recruited and installed member leadership of a scoundrel disposition to betray their own for a price, usually pedophilia and paederism. Google Nancy Schaefer for a lesson in what Judaism values in morality. Performance is measured in one’s willingness to push the window on radical activism via malfeasance.

Judah supremacy is practiced from birth giving this organization fang and claw for stability in adulthood. Gentiles get indoctrinated in hedonism and are the feathered compliment of the Judah predator. If people want this to change, they have to be willing to learn to think, and one of the first things they need to figure out is the triptych. Judah thinks, the mainstream acculturated to idiocy for an obvious reason.

In order to have a superior race, an inferior one is needed, and people are NOT figuring this out! Judaism is tapping Gentiles as a sentimental breeding culture one of their more successful operations gaining preeminence throughout the world the LDS church.

Figure Thomas Monson helped himself to Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner and you have the correct idea. LDS elite perp 3000 of these per year in the US the purpose of which is simply maintaining a solidarity commitment with Judah. The bloodlines they produce themselves are otherwise as worthless as inbreeding.

Mormon temples are symbolic of cattle breeding boxes, and I am sure in some cases, literally used for this purpose with their SKIRTS black mass Eves. If Travis Alexander had followed through on Jodi Arias, she would have been one of his many SKIRTS victims in formulation of his potential to serve as an LDS president.

Arias stopped Alexander, thank God. Monson is a paranoid psychopath typical of Esoteric Masons, the stupid people that join this church from Hades no idea they are being recruited to the devil the first phase of which is their elite Melchizedek marry the souls of women and children whose names are obtained from both birth records and confirmed over the threshold during their home recruitment visits.

The oversimplified developmental timeline looks like this: Snake Bearer> Torah Judaism> Christianity> Talmud Judaism> Islam> Freemasons> Scottish Rite Freemasons> LDS church.

In a nutshell, quoting Henry Makow, Judaism gets away with this, because, “… they monopolize information, perception and discourse… always have an idealistic pretext to gull the masses [and] can accuse anyone who resists their hateful tyranny of being “haters.” (Hijack Triptych)

We have to get beyond analysis masquerading reason to correctly respond to these circumstances. We already understand the problem, leadership pathology. No changes in the direction this is taking will occur until corrections are applied to the felon demons who have hijacked and pirated control from their betters.

Because societies alternative to Judaism are considered herd animals, Freemason solidarity pledging is culling practice preemptive of genocide, and so projects like Sylvia Marie Flores, Gabriella Calzada, Briana Gallegos, Maryland’s bald eagles and Richard Goff are carried out with occult precision and swept under the carpet of the official report perpetuating both an ignorant and helpless public and the condemning Scottish Rite/LDS leadership dynamic owned and operated by the devil.



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