McMahon Mafia/FBI Probe

This comes as absolutely no surprise in a city/county administration kowtowing to League of California Cities (CLOC: ref Prague).

Human sacrifice is a part of their game, in this case Drac Sheriff John McMahon using his deputies to both perp an engineered snuff crime (Pusok) and at the same time making himself appear to be on the side of the law holding his police officers accountable to an unlawful kill.

These deputies have no idea McMahon asset perped Sylvia Marie Flores and needed Pusok to cover his demon sadistic self from increasing public awareness of his and Mike Romos’ affiliation with an ONA coven anchored on the Redlands LDS Temple and Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs. Dot to dot with Flores’ drop on Almond Avenue is their SLC signature, an ONA logo formed around this via a cartographic produced by LDS controlled properties and other such kills nationwide (see image below). Jeffrey Epstein is a part of this and was in on the Flores commemorative.

esi_slc sylvia marie flores

What the fuck will the FBI do if this policing agency is nothing more than LDS/Danite staffed mafia, it’s purpose to manufacture the official record keeping McMahon out of harms way in connection with his satanic Scottish Rite/LDS brethren at their unholy hell temple in Redlands?

I have no pity for the people in this community that ignore these institutional METRIC psychopaths. They are upwards of 20 years ahead of their targeted individuals, what people are unwilling to confront today their worst nightmare in 2030. Flores was stalked and handled from the cradle based on her birth cartographic, a coveted target for LDS hunters of human game.

In a nutshell, McMahon got caught hands on one of his asset renditions, his LDS/Scottish Rite masters having set up Pusok so McMahon could preserve his leadership image to a largely gullible, poorly informed and insouciant public. McMahon has subsequently scarified a handful of his own deputies to save himself same way Scott Jones perped Jeff Mitchell. FBPO keeps it going knowing full damn good and well what he’s up to, this organization also controlled by LDS/Scottish Rite.

San Bernardino public in this? Reread last passage if you just can’t fucking figure it out.

Anyone not familiar with how they pull this off, they use really stupid people, but they also stalk in perpetuity developing a hit profile which “packages” the kidnap/kill.

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